How do I make a Smart Lesson?

Creating your own Smart Lesson is a great way to tailor material to your students' needs. Teachers can use their own content or use content created by Education Perfect to build lessons that engage students through a variety of different learning methods. Teachers are able to compose Smart Lessons out of different sections such as Information Slides, Quizzes, and Extended Response questions.

Getting Started

Begin in your Content Library, from there click on 'My Content' or select a folder within "My School's Content". Click on  Smart Lesson located in the middle bar

Then click on "Add Slide" to create a new Information Slide or "Add Question" in the Quiz or Extended Response sections to create a one of these questions.

You can add additional sections later. For information on each different section, check this article.

How to create the different types of sections that compose a Smart Lesson

There are a number of options for the type of questions/content you'd like to include in the Smart Lesson section. 

Information Slide

Information Slide
This is helpful for presenting students with the information they will need to complete the lesson.
Annotated Text
This feature is great for elaborating on points or making hints.
Adding Media
This allows teachers to include sound, pictures, or videos to help engage students or to be used as question prompts.


Multi-choice Questions These questions are ideal for short-quizzes .
Fill in the Gaps
These questions are perfect for testing how well students understand a passage of text or a topic.
These questions allow students to pick the correct answer out of a passage of text.
These questions allow you to ask students questions about specific parts of a passage of text.

Extended Response

Long Answer Questions These are the only types of questions that can be used for Peer Review.
Sound Recorder These are great for testing vocabulary pronunciation.
These questions are ideal for questions that involve the drawing of diagrams as well as questions that test students' ability to identify objects within an image.


When creating Language content, you will be able to add a Translation section to include an existing vocabulary list in the Smart Lesson. You will need to select "Add Section" and select "Vocabulary".

How to create a Smart Lesson with different material pulled from content built by Education Perfect. 

After you've decided which sections you'd like to include in your Smart Lesson, you can then select the option to Add Existing Content. You can pull content from both your Content Folder and from the folders created by Education Perfect.

You have the option of handpicking exactly which questions and slides you wish to compose your Smart Lesson from. To do so, make sure that the questions you want to use have a green check next to them.

If you would like to edit some of the pre-built content that you've imported, just ensure that you have clicked on the Edit Slide button to do this.

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