How do I give my students feedback on their extended responses?

Smart Lessons in Education Perfect allow students to give self-marked extended responses. Review work and give students feedback on their free-form answers from the Teacher Dashboard:

Navigate to the task in the  Tasks section  of your Control Panel and select Responses.

Here you'll see each of the long answer questions. New answers will be noted on each question, and you can click on it to see new

Some students will have a red or blue dot next to their name. A blue dot indicates a new response that hasn't received feedback yet. A red dot indicates a new response that has clearly failed to answer the question. For example; no answer, gibberish, or not meeting length suggestion. 

For each student response you can leave a comment and select a star rating. You can also select whether or not you want students to resubmit a question by checking the Require  resubmission box. 

Ticking Require resubmission will notify the student, and prompt them to attempt the question again. To see what this looks like from a student's perspective, see our guide here.

You are also able to record audio feedback for your students by clicking on the microphone icon.

Once you have recorded your feedback, you can play it back by selecting the play button icon. If you are not happy with your recording, select Record again.

Once you're ready, select the Send feedback button. You can move on to the next question or answer using the navigation pane/arrows at the bottom of the page. For information on how students can view your feedback, refer to our help guide How do students see feedback on their self-marked work?.

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