How do I give my students feedback on their extended responses?

Smart Lessons in Education Perfect include the capability for students to give self-marked extended responses. You can review their work and give them feedback on their free-form answers from the Control Panel.

This article assumes you've created a task for your students to work on. If you want to see students' work on a Smart Lesson which they've done independently, see  How do I give my students feedback on Smart Lessons I haven't assigned as a task?

Hover over the task in the  Tasks & Homework section of your Control Panel and select Details.

On the left-hand side of the page, select the  Feedback tab.

You can give feedback on each long answer question they have provided by selecting the blue Give Feedback buttons.

You have the option of giving feedback  and selecting a star rating. You can also select whether or not you want students to re-answer a question by checking the Require Resubmission box. You can notify your students directly, provided they have an email address associated with their account, by checking the Email Student box.

For information on how students can view your feedback, refer to our  guide

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