How do I make an Information slide?

Information slides allow you to introduce new concepts to your students and will usually form an integral part of a Smart Lesson.

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Begin in your Content section, and ensure that you are in Edit mode by clicking the  Edit button on the top right.

Click on the  Smart Lesson tile that is on the taskbar at the top of the screen

In the screen that appears, select Add slide under the Information headingYou'll be given the option to use a blank slide or one of four different templates.


Add the Rich Text component to your slide. Type your title into the text box. You can change the look of the title using the drop-down menu.


Media information slides combine a title with either an image, a sound or a video and are a great way to introduce audiovisual components to your lessons.

Select one of the available Media templates.

Type your chosen title in the text box, and choose which type of media you would like to include. Images will be the default when using a template but you can choose another media component form the side bar.

Select Edit on the media component to upload your media or choose existing media from the Education Perfect collection.

For more information on adding media to lessons, refer to this article.

When you're happy with the slide, choose Save Slide.

Annotated Text 

Annotated text slides give you the ability to introduce your students to an annotated passage of text, prior to questioning them on it.

To create a Annotated Text slide, click on the Annotated Text option when selecting your slide template.

Add some description text as a title or that instructs your students on what to do.

Select Edit on the Annotated Text component.

Enter the text that you will be editing. You can highlight different parts of the text that you wish to annotate by clicking and dragging. Select the plus icon to create the annotated section.

Once you've highlighted something, it'll be colour-coded and a box of the corresponding colour will appear to the right. There, you will be able to input your annotation for each section.

Supporting Media

You have the option of adding supporting media like images, sound, or videos. 

For more information about adding media to your Smart Lessons, check out this article.

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