How do I make a multichoice question?

Multi-choice questions are a great way to quickly test students' understanding of topics. They are automatically marked with instant feedback.

Multichoice questions can only be created within Smart Lessons and Assessments

Begin in the Content section and ensure that you're in Edit mode by clicking on the  Edit button at the top right.

Select  Smart Lesson.

Select an existing Quiz section, or add a new Quiz section to your Smart Lesson, then select  Multichoice from the listed question types.

Ask a question and provide possible answers

Type the question text in the  Question Prompt box.

Select Edit on the Multichoice Options component.

By default you can add two answers. To add more, click  Add Option.

To designate the correct answer, select the red cross next to it. This will change the icon to a green check mark. 

The answers will be ordered randomly by default. If you'd like to change this, click on the  Ordered button. Then simply click on the handle to the left of the question and drag the questions into the desired position.

At least one answer must be correct, but a question can also have multiple correct answers. 

Add an image, video or sound clip

As with Information Slides, you can insert various types of supporting media to your quiz question. 

Select the type of Media you'd like to add to the question. Once the component has been added to the slide, select Edit on the component.

You can then upload your own media or choose from existing Education Perfect media.

For more information on finding or uploading media, see How do I add media to my question?

Configure Optional Settings

Provide an explanation for incorrect answers

If students incorrectly answers the question, they will be shown the correct answer automatically. You can provide additional information about the correct answer by switching to the Explanation tab and adding/editing components.

Anything that you add to this page will be displayed to students once they complete a question, along with the correct answers.

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