How do I make a Scratchpad question?

Scratchpad questions are ideal for questions that involve the drawing of diagrams as well as questions that test students' ability to identify objects within an image.

Creating the question

Scratchpad questions can only be created within Smart Lessons and Assessments. For instructions on making a Smart Lesson, click here.

Enter a question prompt.

Select the tools (colour and brush type) that you'd like your students to draw with by default. They can change the colour and brush as they go. 

You can add a background image if you'd like your students to draw over the top of something. This can be useful if you want to ask them to identify something within an image or diagram.

You're able to add a model answer. Once your students submit an answer, they'll be shown the model answer alongside their own answer and will be given the chance to improve their own answer.

Optional Settings

Under Optional Settings, you can add an explanation that will be shown alongside the model answer.

Peer Review

Extended response questions are compatible with Peer Review. If the work you're creating is suitable for Peer Review, select  Recommended for Peer Review

This will allow you and any other teachers who use the lesson to enable peer review when setting a Task. 

For full details on creating questions with Peer Review, refer to our article here.

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