How do I create a question that uses the sound recorder?

Sound Recorder questions provide your students with an opportunity to record their spoken response to a question.

Sound Recorder questions can be used in Extended Response sections of a Smart Lesson. Including them in other section types, such as Quiz sections, may not work correctly. For more information, see  Which question types can I use in each Smart Lesson section?

You can listen to your students' recordings from the Control Panel. For more information, see How do I give my students feedback on their extended responses?

Select an existing Extended Response section, or add a new Extended Response section to your Smart Lesson, then select Audio Recorder as your question type.

Provide a question prompt

Type your question into the Rich Text box. This question can be as open-ended as you like.

Select Edit on the Audio Prompt component. If you do not want the Audio Prompt to be included, you can select the X in the right hand corner.

You can then add audio to the question by either recording your voice, uploading an audio file, or picking an existing audio clip from our media gallery. Select Done when you are happy with your selection.

Select Edit on the Audio Recording component

You have the option between a Quick Recordingwhich has a limit of 30 seconds for the recorded response, or an Extended Recording, which will go on for up to ten minutes. 

If you have selected a Quick Recording, you also have the option to add a model answer.

From there you will be able to record yourself speaking the model answer, upload your own audio, or select audio from the Education Perfect collection.


If students incorrectly answers the question, they will be shown the correct answer automatically. You can provide additional information about the correct answer by switching to the Explanation tab and adding/editing components.

Anything that you add to this page will be displayed to students once they complete a question, along with the correct answers.

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