Ensuring custom-built content is saved correctly

This article discusses saving custom Smart Lessons or Exams that are created on Education Perfect.

Existing save layers in Education Perfect

When building content on EP, it's important to note that there are two layers to saving what you're working on. 

When you create question slides, each one has to be saved as you go along. Then, you also need to save the overall lesson or exam before exiting, so that overall changes are saved.

flow chart showing save layers

This applies to Smart Lessons and Exams. Lists of any type operate slightly differently, and saving them will save your entire list (Translation, Fact, and Spelling lists). 

Why is it set up that way?

It all ties back to how things work in the background on EP! Saving a slide means that changes to  that specific slide are saved. Individual slides can exist across many different lessons or exams, which is why you can import questions/slides from other pieces of content. Think of them as almost independent from the base lesson/exam.

Similarly, saving an overall lesson or exam means that all the base data is saved. This includes the order of slides and sections and any marking settings.

In short, to save you any confusion when building content, ensure you save your questions and then also the overall lesson before exiting!

Saving your custom-built content

If you're building content in the EP Content Library and have added questions/slides to your work, you'll first want to save the question you're in. 

Save question button in content editor

Once you're back in the main edit screen, you can save your overall lesson or exam.

Overall save button in content editorIn both cases, if you try to leave without saving you'll be prompted with a pop-up and given the option to save or discard. 

Once the save buttons are grayed out, you'll know your changes have been saved. 

greyed out save button

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