How to use the File Uploader component

Create engaging lessons by using the File Uploader component! The File Uploader enables students to upload files as a response to a question or prompt.

Supported file types

Students can upload their work in any format and size listed below.

Format Supported Types Max file size
Image .bmp.jpg.gif, and .png.
Video .mov.mp4, and .m4v.
Audio .mp3 and .wav.
Documents All Microsoft Office file types, All Apple iWork file types, .pdf;, .txt;, .odt, .rtf, .latex, .wpd, and .wps 10MB

Students can also submit responses directly from their Google Drive

Adding the File Uploader to a lesson

  1. Start by selecting Add question under the Extended Response section, then select Blank slide. The File Uploader component is a type of Extended Response question.

  1. Drag the Text component into the working area, to use as a question or prompt.

  1. Drag the Uploader component into the working area. 

  1. Choose whether to allow specific file types or a maximum number of submissions, then click Done to finish adding the component. 

Once your lesson is saved, assign it to your students as a Task.

Accessing submitted files

Once the lesson has been completed, you'll be able to access submissions that have been made. You can mark submissions and give feedback, and download the files if you need to.

If the lesson is assigned as a Task:

  1. Navigate to the Task, and click the Responses tab.
  2. Click into one of the responses to your submission question:

  1. Click Open to view the student's submission in a new tab. From this page, you'll be able to download the file. The example below is a video:

From here, you can proceed by giving feedback on submitted responses.

If the lesson is completed via the Content Library:

  1. Navigate to the Class Report in your Insights tab, and locate the lesson that contains the submissions.

You'll be shown information on who has worked through the lesson, and who has completed specific questions.

  1. Scroll down to the Section Details area and click View Answers on the relevant question. You'll be shown student files, and you can also download them.

If you wish to give feedback on responses through EP, you'll need to assign this lesson as a Task.

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