How do I make Fill in the Gaps or Textbox questions?

Fill in the Gaps questions are perfect for testing how well students understand a passage of text or a topic.

Adding the component

Fill in the Gaps questions can only be created within Smart Lessons and Assessments

You can either add the Fill in the Gaps component to a new blank slide, or you can select a slide template that already contains a Fill in the Gaps component. If you are adding the Fill in the Gaps question to a Smart Lesson, you will need to create the new slide in a Quiz section.

If you create the new slide using a template containing a Fill in the Gaps component, it will automatically be set up for you. If you create a blank slide, you can add a Fill in the Gaps component by clicking and dragging one from the left-hand pane onto the blank slide.

Setting up the question

There are two options for how your students can answer fill in the gaps questions: Drag & Drop and Textbox. If you set the question to Drag and Drop, your students will be presented with several words they can drag in to fill the gap, at least one of which is the correct answer. If the question is set to Textbox, your students will have to type the correct answer into an empty text box. You can toggle the question between Drag and Drop and Textbox mode using the switch at the component window.

To get started, write the passage you want your students to complete in the main text area of the component window.

Then highlight a word you would like to appear as a gap in the text, then click the + icon that appears above it.

You can select multiple words for a single gap by clicking on the first word and dragging over the rest of the phrase you would like to be included.

This word will now be replaced by a gap when the student is viewing the question, and the option to add alternate answers and "distractors" will appear to the right of the text panel.

For each word that you've omitted, you can add distractors. Distractors are words that could fit into one of the gaps, but that aren't the correct answer. In the image below, 'shiny', 'gold', and 'silver' are all distractors.

You also have the option of adding supporting media like images, or audio to your question by clicking the relevant icon on the top bar of the text window. If you click the image icon, you will have the option of uploading an image, or selecting an image from our media gallery. If you click the audio icon, you will have the option of recording your own audio, uploading an audio file, or choosing a piece of existing audio from our media gallery.

For more information about adding media to your Smart Lessons, check out this article.

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