How do I make Fill in the Gaps questions?

Fill in the Gaps questions are perfect for testing how well students understand a passage of text or a topic.

Creating the question

Fill in the Gaps questions can only be created within Smart Lessons and Assessments

Enter a prompt in the Question Prompt section. 

Write the text that you're going to add gaps to.

Select which words you want to be omitted from the passage. For each of the words you select, a gap will be displayed to students when they attempt the question.

You can select multiple words for a single gap by clicking on the first word and dragging over the rest of the phrase you would like to be included.

For each word that you've omitted, you can add distractors. Distractors are words that could fit into one of the gaps, but that aren't the correct answer. In the image below, 'shiny', 'gold', and 'silver' are all distractors.

You have the option of adding supporting media like images, sound, or videos.

For more information about adding media to your Smart Lessons, check out this article.

Optional Settings

You can write an explanation that'll appear to students when they submit their initial answer.

If you want to change the way in which the text and supporting media are displayed, you have the option of selecting a different layout.

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