How do I make an Annotated question?

Annotated questions allow you to ask students questions about specific parts of a passage of text.

Creating the question

Annotated questions can only be created within Smart Lessons and Assessments

Enter a prompt in the Question Prompt section. 

Select Edit on the Annotated Question component. 

Enter the passage you would like to annotate. You'll need to highlight each passage of text that you're going to ask a question about by clicking and dragging over the passage before selecting the + icon.

You can then add the prompt and answer in the side bar. Select Done when you're ready.

You have the option of adding supporting media like images, sound, or videos. An Image component will be included in the template by default but you are able to add other components by clicking and dragging from the sidebar.

For more information about adding media to your Smart Lessons, check out this article.


If students incorrectly answer the question, they will be shown the correct answer automatically. You can provide additional information about the correct answer by switching to the Explanation tab and adding/editing components.

If you want to change the way in which the text and supporting media are displayed, you can follow the instructions in our article:  How do I format questions in EP Studio?

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