Assigning a task

Use Tasks in Education Perfect to assign work to your students in class, or for homework. Tasks give you in-depth reporting and feedback capabilities and allow you to ensure students are focusing on their work.

Using Tasks on EP

You have three different options for assigning Tasks on EP; each of which have different behaviours.

  • Lesson: Assign in-depth, information-laden lessons for students to work through.
  • List: Assign Spelling, Vocab, or Fact lists to your students, for quick list-based practice.
  • Peer Review: Enable students to review each other’s work after completing Smart Lessons (only available for specific lessons).

Quick Start

Click the link in each step to see the detailed overview:

  1. Click on the Tasks tab in your dashboard.
  2. Click the + Assign Task button.
  3. Choose between Lesson, List, or Peer Review Task. 
  4. Now you need to set your specific settings:
    • Who? Pick your classes or individual students.
    • What? Pick which content you would like your students to complete.
    • When? Select start and end date and time.
    • More Options:
      • Live Feed: Choose whether to receive notifications when students are off-task (helpful for monitoring students in class!).
      • EP Dash: Choose whether Dash will be available to students,
      • Choose the learning method, email, and miscellaneous settings.
  5. Click Assign Task! Your Task is now assigned to students, and they’ll be able to complete it from their student dashboard once it begins.

Download our print-friendly Tasks mud map here!

Detailed overview

1. Who?

Click Who? to select the class you wish to assign work to. 

  • Click Assign to specific students to select individuals rather than an entire class. This allows you to differentiate assigned work.
  • If your chosen class isn’t visible, try using the Search Classes bar, or toggle to All Classes. Here you can access all classes that are set up for your school.

2. What?

Click What? to open the Content Picker and select your lesson(s). Once you have made your selection, click Confirm.

  • Only content that matches the type of task you selected will be shown here. Lists and Smart Lessons are unable to be assigned together.
  • Similarly, only licenced content for the class(es) chosen will be displayed.
  • Edit the Task Name and add instructions as required.
  • Time to complete gives an estimate of time. Your students may work faster or slower depending on their skill level.

Assigning Translation Lists

If assigning Translation Lists, you can select specific Learning Modes. If you’d prefer students to focus on specific skills (like speaking), it can be helpful to narrow this down. Find information about available modes here.

Assigning Smart Lessons

Click Assign Specific Sections and untick any sections to remove them. Use this to reduce the time to complete or remove content you aren’t ready to cover yet. See specific instructions here.

Assigning Peer Review lessons

For Peer Review you will need to choose the Extended Response questions students will review. Click Choose Peer Review to select which questions to include, then set your feedback options Check out our Peer Review guide here for specific steps.

Peer Review begins after students finish working on a task. Students are prompted to see how their classmates approached questions, and give and receive constructive feedback on those questions.

3. When?

Choose the start and end dates and times for the Task.

Allow late submission for the following week is enabled by default, allowing students to continue working on the task up to 7 days after the due date. Work completed after the due date will appear as a late submission in Task reporting.

More Options

Live Feed

Every Task includes a Live Feed that displays real time student progress including notifications when lessons are completed. 

Click Notify me when students go off task to be notified when students are not focused on the task. In-depth information about the Live Feed can be found in our guide here

EP Dash

In this section, you can choose when to enable Dash for students, or untick Enable EP Dash for this task to switch it off completely.

You can find a full guide on how to best use Dash here.

Learning Method

Depending on the type of content you have selected in What? you'll see different options.

Vocabulary Lists

You can specify how many times students are required to work through the assigned list. 

  • Single Occasion requires students to get each question right once, and earn one star.
  • Spaced Repetition:
    • Twice requires students to complete once, and then again 24 hours after the first time to earn their second star.
    • Three times requires the student to further revise the material a week after the second time, earning three stars.
      • Make sure your due date allows enough time for students to earn points, and complete the Task! Students will need 8 days to complete a list three times.
  • Tick Allow any previous attempts by student to allow students' previous work on the list to be included.
  • Tick the Designated number of points option to set a points target in order to complete the Task. (Useful for if you’d like to set a large amount of content but don't require full completion). 

Smart Lessons

You are given two options:

  • Revision ensures that your students start the content from the beginning; regardless of any previous work done. This is the default setting.
  • Learning keeps your students' previous progress included. They will not be asked to complete work they've already done. 

Email Notifications

  • Email me a completion summary report: Tick this to receive a detailed report on student completion and performance. 
    • This is sent to you when the due date passes. You will receive another email when the Task's late submission period closes (if applicable). 
  • Email my students about this task: Tick this to send students an email notification about the Task. This is sent as soon as the Task begins and students will be able to click a direct link to the Task.
    • This also opens the option to Email my students' parents about this task which will send a similar notification to their parents (if we have their email address on record). 
  • Send me a report about which students have been emailed: Tick this to find out if we've had difficulty sending the above notification(s).

Miscellaneous Options

  • Tick Disable question timers to remove the countdown timer from the questions.
    • This is useful for younger students or students who need extra time to complete activities. 
  • Tick Disable Cheers to prevent distractions from Cheers displaying while doing this task.

Once you're ready, select Assign Task. All done!

Having trouble? Check out our FAQ!

Why can’t I assign a Task?

If your chosen class is greyed out when you try to assign work in the Who? section, the class is unlicenced for the subject of the content you are assigning. If that's incorrect, contact us and the team will assist you.

How do I make a copy of a Task?

Easily make a copy of an existing Task by clicking the three dots in the top right of a Task panel, and then Copy. From there, assign the Task as normal, and change whichever details you need! Check out our full guide here.

How can I test Tasks myself, before assigning it to students?

You can test Tasks (and Assessments) by first assigning them to the Staff class. From here, enter your Student Zone, locate the assigned Task, and complete it. Full instructions on how to do this can be found here. Once you’re ready, make a copy of the Task and assign it to your class(es) as normal.

Can I edit a Task after it’s assigned?

Yes! You can edit the dates and classes assigned, as well as the content selected. You are unable to edit anything under the Optional Settings section, however. See further instructions in our guide here.

Made a mistake? A handy trick is to make a copy of the Task and re-assign it with your corrected options, then delete the original. If you select Learning Mode in your new copy, any work students have already done will be carried over too.

How is time to complete calculated?

Time to complete is calculated based on time spent by students who have completed the lesson(s) previously. If no students have completed the lesson before, EP calculates the time depending on the type of questions included. Full details can be found here.

What happens when I enable email notifications?

When you enable emails to be sent to students or parents, they will receive an email when the task opens, another shortly before the task is due, and again when the task is overdue if late submissions have been enabled. Here's an example of the new task email students receive:

Image depicting the email students receive when email notifications for Tasks are turned on

How can I retrieve a deleted Task?

If a Task (or Assessment) has been deleted but you need it back, our team can bring it back for you. Message us and include the Task name and subject, as well as approximately when it was deleted. 

Why isn’t Dash available for a Task?

There are several reasons why Dash might not be available in a Task, the most common being that there are not enough automatically marked questions in your selected lessons. There need to be at least 10, as the Dash game asks users 10 questions in the race. 

Further details on why Dash might be unavailable can be found here.

Still haven't answered your question? Reach out to our team and we'll assist you further! 

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