Customising existing content on EP

You can customise any List, Smart Lesson, or Pre-Built Exam available to you on Education Perfect. Whether it’s minor tweaks or major changes, here’s how you can easily edit existing content.

Getting Started

Start by navigating to the Library tab.

Locate the piece of content you wish to edit. This can be anything you can access in your Content Library (including Official EP Content and content made by teachers at your school). You can also edit content made and shared by teachers at other schools.

Not sure how to find what you need? Check out our article How do I find what I need in the Content Library?.

Right-click and (depending on where the resource is located), click Make a Copy or Customise. This allows you to make edits without affecting the original content.

You can also drag and drop a lesson or exam into My Content to immediately make a copy!

If the resource is located under My School's Content, you'll be able to edit it directly. Be careful - your changes will save for everyone at your school. It may be best to Make a copy first.

You'll be prompted to save your copy somewhere. Choose Add to My content to copy it into your private My Content folder.

Add to my content option

Once you’re done, you can start editing! 

You'll be taken straight into the content editor, but you'll be able to come back and edit the copy you've created in your My Content folder whenever you need.

Editing existing content

Editing Smart Lessons or Pre-Built Exams

You can add and remove sections, slides and questions, and change any settings.

edit button in the three dot menu

Click Edit slide. You can then drag and drop components and use the side bars to adjust the size. Click the X to delete a component.

Click on any component to open it up and change the way it's set up.

edit slide button when editing a smart lesson

edit screen example

You can always add additional sections, slides and questions, exactly the same as when you create content from scratch! Find out more in our content creation guides below:

Editing Fact, Translation and Spelling Lists

You can do all of the same customisation with List-type content too. Once you've started editing, you'll be able to add and remove options, and import from other existing content (or a spreadsheet).

Check out the articles below for further details:

Importing slides and sections from existing content

This option is handy if you wish to create one piece of content that's made up of others!

This method works for both Smart Lessons and Pre-Built Exams, however, you cannot import Pre-Built Exam slides into Smart Lessons (only vice versa).

You cannot import list based content into Smart Lessons or Pre-Built Exams, with one exception: For languages, you can import Vocabulary Lists into Smart Lessons. Read more here!

Start by editing your chosen content. From within the editor, select Add existing questions on the left-hand side of the page.

You’ll be taken to the content picker, where you can choose sections and individual questions from other content.

You can preview specific questions by clicking into the section. Tick the box next to a section or question to include it. Once you're done, click Confirm Selection, and everything you selected will be imported.

Repeat this action as many times as you like.

selecting specific section of smart lesson

selecting specific questions in a specific section of a smart lesson

Finishing up

Once you’ve made your changes and have saved your work, you can use your customised resource however you wish.

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