How can my classes be automatically enrolled?

If your class lists are organised in our specific format, they can be automatically enrolled, instantly!

EP's Wonde integration

Education Perfect’s Wonde integration allows schools to connect their Student Management/Information System (SMS/SIS) to the EP platform. 

Once set up, this integration updates account and class information automatically based on the information in your school system, with no manual enrolment required.

To find out more and get set up, see our FAQ here.

Automatic Enrolment using EP's portal

Formatting your files

In order to have your classes enrolled automatically, your list needs to be in an Excel spreadsheet in the same format as our templates below.

Download our student template

Download our teacher template

Submitting your files

On your dashboard, you will be able to see a My Classes section. To submit your class via spreadsheet, you can select Upload class lists. Alternatively, click the Upload Classes button under your Classes tab.

teacher dashboard

Select Priority Upload.

enrolment portal

Drag and Drop your files into the portal, or click Pick files

Once your file(s) have been uploaded, the platform will tell you if they are eligible for automatic enrolment. 

The green tick indicates you're good to go, whereas the red cross means there's something not quite right. Click Continue.

If you are unable to get your data perfect, your classes can be enrolled by our team. Just click Continue as Standard Upload, and your files will be sent directly to us.

upload class lists section

You will then be prompted to review the changes. If you are happy with these details, select Confirm teacher changes and Confirm student changes respectively.

review upload changes button

If you would like to see the details of your class including which students will have new accounts created for them, you can do so by selecting the downwards arrow next to the student changes.

class details section

Once you have confirmed, you're all done! Your changes have been actioned, and accounts are ready to go on EP.

return to dashboard button

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