How many students do we have enrolled?

As students come and go throughout the year, it's possible that the number of students enrolled differs from the number of students you've been invoiced for. 

You can check the number of students you have enrolled, and make changes to this, at any time.

Open Classes in the Control Panel or select the All classes option.

Showing how to navigate to the Classes tab in the Control Panel

All of the classes in your school will be listed, with classes you are a teacher of at the top in bold. Click on the class you require.

Showing how to go to the class you wish you to check

Click on the linked licence.

Licences link button

Each of the licences your school has been allocated will be listed on this page. You can see the number of students you currently have enrolled and the number of licences you have been allocated/invoiced for at the far right, under the  Students column.

Showing the number of students currently enrolled and the number of licences that have been allocated/invoiced

You can also see whether this licence is a trial licence, which subject areas it covers, and when the licence will expire. To see which classes are on a licence, click on it; the classes will appear under  Classes on this licence.

Showing licence details such as subject covered, type, validity, and classes attached to the licence

To change the students on your licence, see  How do I change which class a student is in?

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