How can I see how many students and which classes we have enrolled?

As students come and go throughout the year, it's possible that the number of students enrolled differs from the number of students you've been invoiced for. 

You can also see which classes are enrolled at your school through the Classes tab of your dashboard. This can be helpful to see which students already have been given access, and what data might be missing. 

Checking how many students are enrolled

Open Classes in your teacher dashboard or select the All classes option.

Showing how to navigate to the Classes tab in the Control Panel

All of the classes in your school will be listed, with your classes listed at the top. Click into your chosen class, then click the Settings button.

Settings button in class dialogue

Here, click on the licence that's linked to the class.

Class settings page

Here you'll see the overall number of students that are currently enrolled and attached to that particular licence, and the number of users that have been allocated at the far right, under the Students column.

You can also see whether this licence is a trial licence, which subject areas it covers, and when the licence will expire.

licence details page example

To change the students on your licence, see How do I change which class a student is in?

Checking which classes are enrolled

Open Classes in your teacher dashboard. Here you'll see a list of My Classes at the top. These are classes where you have been assigned as a teacher.

my classes view in classes tab

Further down the page is the All Classes section. This shows all enrolled classes at your school, and you can click the department options to filter your view too. Use the search box to find a specific class.

Click into any class to view the students that are currently enrolled.

all classes view in classes tab

Exporting class lists

You can either export individual classes or you can export a full-school class list. 

For an individual export, head to the Classes tab and click Export Class Lists.

Export clas lists

From here, tick the classes that you would like to export, and then Select Classes. A file will be downloaded containing the details.

To easily export all classes, simple tick all classes in the All Classes section, and click Export in the banner that shows up.

To enrol new classes, check out our enrolment options.

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