How to export data from IDAttend

As covered in our enrolment guide, the easiest way to set your students up on Education Perfect is to send us an export of details from your school system. This article outlines the two export options for IDAttend.

Option 1 - for Teachers

This option is available to teachers using IDAttend, and can be found under the pathway Teacher > Data.

Unlike the admin pathway in Option 2, this option does not have the Auto Export option. The only settings saved are the path and file name to save the .csv file. It is recommended that a path on a server that users can easily gain access to (or a local path) be used. Each user of IDAttend from this menu can have different settings.

This menu option is intended to be used by a teacher and only export that teacher’s students/classes. The Teacher list will default to the teacher accessing the portal.

Option 2 - for IDAttend admin users

This option is available to admin users of IDAttend, and can be found under the pathway Admin > Export Menu > Data.

This option will store the options of the .csv path to save the file to, as well as the option to automatically export info after a timetable import. 

To use this option, the path must be on a server and must include the file name of the .csv file that it will export to. It needs to be accessible when exporting via the auto export option, and a local path may not exist (or the import may be run by someone else.).

While you can select various filter options, the auto export option will always capture the entire school. The filters can be used to restrict what is exported manually if required.


For both of the above options, you can apply filters to your export. In the Year field, separate multiple years by a comma (E.g. 7,8,9,). Home Group and House Code may also be used if required. 

If a Teacher is selected within the Teacher dropdown field, but the Class field is left blank, the export will include all students and classes that belong to the selected teacher.

Once you've retrieved your lists, they can be submitted to the EP Enrolment Portal.

The Enrolment Portal can instantly process files that are submitted in a specific format. For this to occur, you may need to rearrange some of the data in your spreadsheet. Click for full formatting instructions

Alternatively, drop your files into the portal as is and, when prompted, click Submit to Support team. Our team will be in touch as soon as your submission has been manually processed.

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