How do I export data from One School?

As covered in our Enrolment Guide, the best way to get your students on EP is to send us an export of their details from your school's system. 

To get everything set up, from One School we need the following information:

  1. Dynamic Student List File (containing student names and email addresses)
  2. Student Class File Export (containing class names and students in the class)
  3. Teacher names, email addresses and classes taught
  4. Submit your files to us

1. Dynamic Student List Report

To begin, log into your One School account and select Dynamic Student List Report.

Dynamic student list report option in Oneschool

Select the year level or specific class you would like to export details for.

SEt the year level and class

In the Display Fields section, select Year Level, MIS Id, and Roll Class.

For Report Render Type, select Excel. Then, click Generate Report.

Showing the Year Level, MIS ID, Roll Class, and render type options.

If you have selected a single class, once you have downloaded the spreadsheet open it up and add your name and email address. Save your changes.

If you have selected multiple classes or an entire year level, you can skip this step as we'll get this information from Step 3.

Example of what the file looks like

2. Student Class File Export

This information allows us to see which classes students from Step 1 are enrolled in, as well as the class code.

Begin by clicking on the School Management tab at the top of your OneSchool account page, then Timetable

From here click on Main Timetable in the top left.

In the top right corner, click the Reports dropdown and then Class List Export.

class list export button

On the screen that appears, select the details to include under Formatting Parameters, and click Generate Report.

  • Year level
  • Teacher Name
  • Display classes

Ticking which parameters to include

This will download an Excel file, which becomes the second file you need to submit to us in Step 4!

3. Teacher names and email addresses

If you are submitting information for one class or your classes only, you can skip this step.

We require teacher names and email addresses so that we can attach the correct teachers to their classes. You can provide this to us in a separate list, or add the information into an additional tab in the spreadsheet from Step 1.

If you need to export this in bulk, you can do this via At the bottom of the page, expand the drop-down Groups I am a member of

Groups options

Select the group name you would like to export, and then click the export button at the top of the page, and then Members.

Export button for groups

The file should look similar to the below. While email addresses aren't fully visible, we will use the MSID and add in bulk for you.

Example of what the file will look like

Next, we need to know which class(es) each teacher is associated with.

In the file you downloaded, add the class codes into the corresponding cells for each teacher listed.

You may be able to export a file from One School which provides teacher names, email addresses and classes in one file, which you are also welcome to provide.

4. Submit your files to us

Submit your files to our Support team by dropping them into the EP Enrolment Portal.

While the EP Enrolment Portal cannot yet instantly process One School exports, this is the quickest and most secure way to get your files to us.

Once you upload your files, you'll be presented with several formatting errors. Click the Submit to Support team option, and our team will be in touch as soon as they've processed your submission.

If you run into any issues, please feel free to reach out for assistance.

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