How do I find what I need in the Content Library?

Finding the right work for your students is an important part of using Education Perfect. This guide covers a few things you can try to help you to get the most out of the Content Library.

The Content Library search function has had an update! If you're looking for a specific type of Content, you can use the search bar.

Open the Content Library on your dashboard, and click the search bar in the top right. 

Type in your keyword and hit enter. Search results are displayed, and you can filter by author, curriculum, and content type.

The search will find any content that's accessible to you, including Education Perfect Content, My School's Content, and any work other teachers have shared publicly.

Browsing the Content Library

For each subject area, available content is split into different sections. A detailed explanation of each section can be found here, but when browsing manually, here’s what you’ll find:

Featured Content and EP Content

This content is shared among all schools that use a specific curriculum. This content is built and maintained by EP.

You can't edit this content directly, but you can create a copy of it if you would like to customise what’s available!

My School's Content

This section contains:

  • Any work that other teachers have made available to everyone at your school
  • Any custom content that our Content Team has made available to your school

It’s easy to rearrange content in this section, but remember that changes made will affect everyone at your school!

To learn how to share or find custom content on EP, see this article.

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