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This article outlines the enrolment options that are available at EP, which ensure that classes and students are set up as securely and efficiently as possible.

From 2024, we'll no longer be accepting emailed enrolment submissions. Files will need to be submitted via the EP Enrolment Portal.The portal offers increased security and smoother processing, and we encourage users to explore this option for their next round of enrolment.

Enrolment options

Method Suitability Required input
EP Enrolment Portal [Recommended] Full school/class enrolments.

This option is not currently suitable to update existing classes.
Class Join Codes Best for a handful of classes.

New students must have a school email address to use this option.
Some setup required
Wonde Full school/class enrolments, and ongoing updates synced directly from your Student Information/Management System (SIS/SMS).
Automatic (after setup)
Manual changes using the Classes tab Best for a small number of changes, or maintenance throughout the year.

Use this option to enrol new teachers.
Rolling over last year's classes Works best if classes are very similar to the previous year. Additional adjustments can be made manually. Manual

EP Enrolment Portal [Recommended]

Use our purpose-built Enrolment Portal to securely submit your data. Processing is instant, and students are able to access EP right away. 

Use this option to have a large amount of students and classes enrolled on EP.

If the portal is unable to process your file, you can choose to push the file through to our dedicated Enrolment team, who will review and process your request.

See instructions for EP's Enrolment Portal

Class Join Codes

Teachers can create class(es) on EP, and then pass the related Class Join Code(s) to their students. 

class join code example

Students then use that code to add themselves to the class - even if they don't yet have an EP account. 

This option requires some setup, and works best with a handful of classes. 

Learn more about Class Join Codes

Students will need a school email address to use this option.


EP integrates with Wonde, enabling schools to connect their SMS/SIS to the EP platform. This integration updates account and class information automatically, with no manual enrolment required. 

Once set up, full enrolments can be processed automatically with additional changes being reflected in EP via a nightly sync throughout the year.

Find out more about Wonde

Initial Wonde setup needs to be actioned by your IT Department (or someone with authority to approve access to school data).

Manual changes using the Classes tab

Teachers are able to make changes to classes and students manually within the Classes tab. Teachers can log in and:

This option is great for small changes, especially as students move around throughout the year.

Classes tab example

Rolling over last year's classes

If your classes for the new year are more-or-less the same, you don't need to enrol your classes again. To get them ready for the new school year:

  • Navigate to the Classes section of your Dashboard and click on the class.
  • Click the Settings button and update the class name from 2022 to 2023
  • Update the Academic Year to 2023 (or 2022-2023 if following the Northern Hemisphere academic year).
  • Click Save, and repeat the process for all of your classesAll done!

Updating the Academic Year is important, as classes from previous years are archived in bulk once a new school year begins.

Next Steps

Once your classes are up and running, you can:

The security and privacy of user data is important to us. Our Privacy Policy is available on our website.

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