How to export class lists from MUSAC Edge

In MUSAC edge, you're able to create an Advanced Filterable List and have the ability to create a New List Design, in which you can select all the relevant fields you require for your export. This will generate a .CSV file that can be sent to us for enrolment.

Generating an EP export:

  1. Open MUSAC Edge and expand Student Details under the Filterable List Fields section to the left of the page.
  2. Expand the Legal Name field to select the students' First Name and Surname fields.
  3. Next, select your students' EDGE Student Number and Email Address fields, if this information is required for your school.
  4. Expand Membership Details, and then expand Room to be able to tick Name to provide us with the name of the class the students belong to.
  5. Expand Teacher Details and tick Name to give us the name of the teacher of the class.
  6. The fields that have been selected will all appear in the middle of the screen. The order of the fields can be changed by dragging and dropping them into the order required. Please note, our preferred order is as follows:
    1. First name
    2. Surname
    3. Class name
    4. Teacher name
    5. Student ID
    6. Student email address
  7. From here, you have the ability to filter to Room by selecting the room from the field in the middle of the screen if required. You can skip this step, and all rooms/students will be included in the export.
  8. You can then click on the CSV button at the bottom of your screen to export the data as a CSV file. This can then be uploaded through our Enrolment Portal following our enrolment instructions.
  9. Your specific List Design can be saved for future use. 

For further help organising your export for EP, check out the steps on Edge's website.

Once you've retrieved your lists, they can be submitted to the EP Enrolment Portal.

The Enrolment Portal can instantly process files that are submitted in a specific format. For this to occur, you may need to rearrange some of the data in your spreadsheet. Click for full formatting instructions

Alternatively, drop your files into the portal as is and, when prompted, click Submit to Support team. Our team will be in touch as soon as your submission has been manually processed.

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