Teacher login guide

The first step to accessing EP is logging into your account. This article covers how educators can log in, remedy issues, and assist learners with logging in too.

How do users log in to EP?

Laptop or desktop computer

You can log into EP by entering your credentials at https://app.educationperfect.com/ and clicking Log in.

If you're based in Canada, please use this link instead.

ep login page example

Unsure what your details are? You can request a password reset from this page, or if you’re unsure what username to use, contact us for assistance.

Smartphone or tablet

You can log in to EP using one of our free purpose-built Apps! Once downloaded, enter your credentials and tap Sign in.

Credential fields for app

For information on which device and browser to use on EP, and where to find the EP Teacher and Student Apps, check out our guide.

If you're based in Canada, please note that the EP Apps are currently unavailable.

Other login options

Depending on how your school is set up with EP, you may be able to log in using alternative methods.

  • Single Sign On (SSO): If your school has enabled SSO, you can log in to Education Perfect via the SSO option on the login page. Instructions can be found here.
  • Google: If the email address attached to your EP account is a Google email address, you can use the Sign in with Google option.
  • Microsoft: If your school uses Microsoft, you may be able to use the Log in with Microsoft option. Learn more here
  • EduPass: Teachers based in Victoria, Australia may be able to use the Victorian Department of Education’s credentialing portal to access EP via SSO. Learn more here.
  • Class Join Codes: Teachers can use Class Join Codes to allow students to enrol themselves into classes. This includes students who have no existing account with EP. Find out more here.


When logging into EP, it’s important to ensure you’re logging in using our official login page.

We recommend ensuring that any bookmarked links you are using match the above link.

Invalid Credentials

If you see an error message stating Invalid username or password, this indicates that the information you are inputting is incorrect.

Login page with invalid login credentials example

Ensure you’re typing your details exactly, with no spaces or unexpected capitalisations. If needed, you can request a password reset from the login page, and teachers can reset student passwords from their accounts too. 

Expired Licence

If your students experience ‘locked’ subjects, it means that they are not enrolled in a licenced class for that subject. See below for the common causes and remedies for this issue.

Unlicenced subject image

Cause Solution
A student has duplicate accounts under different names (Matt vs Matthew). Try a different username based on the student's preferred/given names, and contact us to remedy the duplicate.
The student has not been enrolled in a class for this year. Add the student to your class in the Classes tab, or contact us for assistance.
A student had an account with us last year but is no longer enrolled in a class that actively uses EP. To continue using EP, the student will need to be enrolled in a licenced class. If required, a purpose-built class can be created and a singular invoice issued.
Students are registered for a competition but the competition licence hasn't been activated yet. Wait for the competition licence to activate (normally 1-2 weeks before the competition starts) or contact us to request earlier access.
A student has not paid for their subscription on the booklist. Direct them to their school-specific payment page, or to pay through their Student Zone.
Why won't the Keep me logged in option work?

EP uses your browser’s Cookies and localStorage to save your EP login details to your browser for this feature.

Keep me logged in (formerly remember me) button example

If you’re finding that EP isn’t remembering your information, you may need to make sure these are enabled. Click here for instructions for Google Chrome.

If you are using a school device, there is a chance that an IT administrator has disabled these settings on your browser. Reach out to your IT Department for further assistance.

Other common issues
Issue Solution
Unable to log in with Single Sign On (SSO) If your school has been set up with SSO but you are unable to log in, please contact your school’s IT Department.
Unable to log in with Google If you attempt to sign in with an email that is not linked to an existing EP account, you will receive an error message. You will need to log in using regular EP credentials.
Error Connecting to Server Check out our guide that covers common fixes for this.

Other resources

Check out our additional resources below:

For further assistance with accessing EP, please feel welcome to contact our team.

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