How do I create access codes for my classes?

Your students can enrol themselves using access codes for your classes.

Once you have created a class, you can create an access code to send to your students. You can create new classes by following the instructions in our article  How do I create classes?

When viewing the desired class in Classes & Students, you can create an access code for your students by selecting Generate Code or Let students add themselves.

If your school is using Single Sign On, your students will not be able to create accounts for themselves using an access code. However, if they already have an account they will be able to use an access code to add themselves to additional classes.

You will then be given an access code that you can copy and distribute to your students. If you are unhappy with the code that has been generated, you can select  Refresh to get a new code.

Once you have passed the access code on to your students, they will be able to join the class by following the instructions in our help guide How do I join a class using an access code?

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