How do I log in using EduPass?

EduPass is the Victorian Department of Education's credentialing portal. Teachers and students can use this Single Sign On integration to log in to Education Perfect with their EduPass credentials.

To login through EduPass, go to EP's login page and select Sign in with your school account (SSO).

a screenshot of the Education Perfect login page, highlighting the Sign in with your school account (SSO) button

Select your school from the list.

a screencap of the screen where you can select your school from the drop down list

Upon selection, you will be redirected to EduPass and prompted to enter your EduPass credentials.

A screencap of the EduPass Login site

If this is your first time on EP, we will automatically create an account for you using the details we receive from EduPass. If you have used EP in the past and provided the same email address as the one you use for EduPass, our system will recognise this and match your accounts, letting you log in immediately.

For all future logins, just use the 'sign in with your school' option on the EP sign in page.

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