Why am I getting server connection errors?

Server connectivity issues are difficult to diagnose because of the number of variables that could be at fault. Here are some common fixes that you can try.

Provided that your school hasn't been set up with single sign-on, you should be able to go to log in as normal. With each step below, please ensure that you're trying to log in at the address above.

  1. Check you can access another web site

    If you have trouble accessing all websites, the issue likely has something to do with your internet connection as opposed to our servers.

    Try connecting to a reliable website like https://www.microsoft.com or https://www.apple.com to ensure your internet connection is working. If not, get in touch with your Network Administrator for further assistance.

  2. Check you can access another video hosting site

    If you experience connection issues when trying to access video content on our site, it's a good idea to check that you can access other video content on the web.

    Try connecting to https://www.vimeo.com or https://www.youtube.com to ensure you can access streamed video content. If not, get in touch with your Network Administrator for further assistance.

  3. Try using a Private or Incognito tab

    You can access Private or Incognito mode in all popular browsers by going to the File or Settings menu. In Google Chrome, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+N or Cmd+Shift+N on Mac.

    If you're only able to log in to Education Perfect in Private/Incognito mode, please contact us for further assistance.

  4. Try tethering to your mobile phone

    Trying to access EP through a different network will help you to rule out any issues with your primary internet connection. You can set up a mobile WiFi hotspot on most smartphones. This allows you to use your phone's mobile data on other devices.

    On the iPhone, you can set up a hotspot under Settings > Mobile > Personal Hotspot. You'll be able to connect to that hotspot using the WiFi on your computer or tablet. If you're able to log on while tethering but not on your school or home network, the issue likely has something to do with your internet connection. If that's the case, reach out to either your school's IT team or your network administrator to troubleshoot further.

  5. If you're at home, reset your router

    Some routers have trouble connecting to the internet when they've been switched on for a while.

    Turn your router off for ten seconds, turn it back on, and wait for internet connectivity to be restored.

  6. Check your proxy settings

    Your network or service provider may require you to use a proxy, but you may wish to try it turned off. In Windows, go to Settings > Network > Internet > Proxy.

    In the Manual proxy setup area, turn the proxy server off and try to log in to EP.

  7. Check the EP Status page

    The EP Status page will indicate if there are any known issues occurring on EP, and confirm the status of the issue. Once the issue is resolved, this will also be communicated on the status page.

Still stuck? Contact our team for assistance.

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