How do students and staff access EP using Microsoft Login

Teachers, students and EP for Home users on Education Perfect now have the option to log in to their EP account using their Microsoft account.

To use the Log in with Microsoft option:

  • You'll need to have an existing Microsoft account through your school or workplace, or a personal Microsoft account.
  • The email address on your EP account needs to match the one linked to your Microsoft account.

You are still able to sign in using a username and password or via Single Sign-On (SSO) as usual. The Microsoft login is entirely optional. 

Logging in

From the EP login page, click Log in with Microsoft

EP login page with Log in with Microsoft option

What you see next will depend on how your organisation has set up their Microsoft account:

Example Description Solution
needs admin approval, must contact manually Your organisation requires admin approval but does not allow users to request admin approval. Contact your Microsoft  administrator (or your IT Team) manually to ask them to approve this.
adming giving consent If you are a Microsoft administrator for your organisation, you'll be prompted for consent. Choose to give consent on behalf of your organisation and click Accept.
individual approval for microsoft Your organisation allows users to grant consent themselves.

If you are a personal Microsoft account user, this is the screen you will see.
Click Yes to give consent and link your account.
request approval from your admins Your organisation requires admin approval and allows you to request admin approval here. Enter a message, and click Request approval to prompt your organisation's admin for approval. 

Once permission has been granted for your organisation using one of the above methods, when you Log in with Microsoft you'll be prompted to proceed with linking your account (or cancel). Click Link to an existing user.

Link your account or cancel with microsoft

You'll see the below login screen, where you can now enter your EP account credentials to finish linking your account and log in to EP. 

Entering EP login details to finish linking your account

Now that everything has been linked up, you can use the Log in with Microsoft option whenever you need to log in to EP! 

Please contact us with any questions.

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