How do I pay for a subscription through the Student Zone?

If you want to purchase a new subscription or extend an expired one, this guide will help you to take the appropriate steps.

Please note this method of payment can only be used for schools that have enabled this feature. You can also only make payment through the Student Zone via a Laptop or PC. The payment feature isn't supported on our App or on iPads.

Log into your child's account here.

Click on any of the subjects you wish to pay for and then the Pay Now prompt.

Depending on how late in the school year it is, students may have the option to continue without paying by clicking Remind me later. This gives them time to complete their work while they arrange payment.

Review which subjects you'd like to pay for. If there are subjects that you don't want to pay for immediately, you can just untick them.

When you are happy with the subjects you have selected, click PayPal.

You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay through Education Perfect.

From there you can input your PayPal details or select Checkout as Guest if you’d prefer to pay by debit or credit card.

You will then be prompted to enter your email address. This will be where your receipt of payment will be sent to. Once you've done that select Continue to Payment.

You will then be able to fill in your card details. Once you have ensured that your card details are correct, click Continue.

Your student's account will then be updated immediately after the payment. They will no longer receive this payment prompt and will have access to the purchased subjects.

If you have any issues with making your payment, feel free to call through to our reception on the relevant number below:

NZ: +64 3 669 0311
AU: +61 2 6100 3723
UK: +44 20 3695 2314
US: +1 (202) 888 3446
SG: +65 3165 4344

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