How do students and staff log in to EP using Google?

Teachers and students now have the option to log in to EP with Google.

You are still able to sign in using username + password or via Single Sign-On (SSO) as usual. The Google login is entirely optional. 

From the login page, click Log in with Google

login page showing google login

The email associated with your EP account must be a Google email address.

If you're already signed into Google, clicking Log in with Google will log you straight in. If you have more than one active Google account, Google will prompt you to select an account first. 

If you are not currently signed in, clicking Sign in with Google will take you to the Google sign-in page. 

If you log in with a valid Google account, but it is not an account associated with your EP account, you will be sent to the We couldn't sign you in using Google screen.

unregistered account error page example

Google requires Google Classroom admins to explicitly review and confirm access settings for third party apps, including Education Perfect. If EP is not confirmed as a trusted app, users identified as under 18 may experience issues.

See more information and Google's guidance on how to confirm third party app settings.

Too many accounts in the EP Student App

If you’re sharing a single device with other students, you will no longer be able to log in any additional students once 10 accounts have been logged in to the app.

If you need to log in with another account, you can sign out all users at once by following the steps below.

First, tap on Help at the bottom of the Google account selection page within the app.

image showing the help button that allows you to access the accounts information

This will take you to a Google Support page. From there, click on the user profile in the top right corner of the screen.

Image showing the profile icon

At the bottom of the menu, tap Sign out of all accounts. This will sign out all 10 of the Google accounts that were logged into the app.