Managing Student Accounts on EP

Teachers are able to quickly and easily create new student accounts, edit their details, and shuffle them into different classes all from their accounts. This article explains how!

If you're experiencing the error This email address is already taken, the email address is already in use elsewhere. Check out the errors section for more information.

Before we begin:

If your school is integrated with Wonde, you will be unable to make changes to your classes. Accounts need to be managed via your school's Student Management System. Find out more here.

  • If you wish to add many students, it’s easier to either:
  • Avoid creating duplicate accounts. This helps keep progress all in one place and prevents confusion around licencing.

Start by logging in and navigating to the Classes tab in your Dashboard.

How to navigate to the Classes tab in the Control Panel

Use the search bar to locate a specific class or student. Alternatively:

  • Classes assigned to you are shown at the top of the page. Click on any to view the details.
  • All other classes at your school are listed in the table below. 

Create accounts

Click into your target class, and click + Add Student.

How to add students in the chosen class

Enter the student's name, and any existing accounts with similar names will be displayed. If the student is displayed here, click Add to Class.

Try different iterations (e.g. Matt vs Matthew), to ensure the account doesn't already exist.

For an entirely new account, click Create a new student account.

Showing the “Add to class” option when the student being added has an existing account or “Create a new student account” function if there’s none

Fill out any additional details for the student and click Add to class.

Pop up window to fill out additional details for the student


  • This email address is already taken: This indicates that the email address is already in use. There's an existing account either at your school or another address is already taken error example
  • StudentID is being used by another user: This indicates that the ID is already in use. It's likely that the student already has an account.student id is being used by another user example
  • [Username] is already taken: Another user is already using this username. There's an existing account either at your school or another school.
    username is taken

If the account doesn't exist at your school, our team can transfer the user for you. Please contact us and confirm:

  • The student's name.
  • The student's email address.
With an email address

When adding a student with an email address, the student will automatically receive an email welcoming them to EP. They'll be prompted to log in and create a password. 

Without an email address

When adding a student without an email address, you will be given a temporary password that will need to be given to the student. Students will be prompted to create a new and secure password upon logging in to EP.

IDs, SSO IDs and LTI IDs

Depending on how your school is set up, you may be required to enter a Student ID, SSO ID or LTI ID when creating a new account. 

Showing the Student ID field if required by the school

To see what IDs some of the other students at your school are using, hover over the Help icon.

Showing the “Help” icon to see IDs used by other students and to check their format

If you're still unsure of what ID you should be using, get in touch with us.

Deactivate accounts

To deactivate a student account, you simply need to remove the student from all of their classes. This removes their access and stops them from being able to log in.

Navigate to the student's profile (search for their name in the box at the top of the page, or click their name from the class page). 

Select Remove from class for all classes.

Showing how to remove a student from multiple classes by navigating to their student page

Move accounts between classes

You can shuffle students into different classes several ways in the Classes tab. Here, we'll cover two options:

From a student's account:

Navigate to your chosen student in the Classes tab. Beneath their profile, you'll see a list of all the classes the student is currently enrolled in. 

You can click Remove from class to remove them from that specific class. Click + Add [student] to another class to enrol them into other classes in bulk.

The student can access their account as usual, and the changes to their classes are reflected instantly.

Buttons to move students between classes

From a class:

Navigate to your chosen class. Here you can + Add student as we did earlier, but you can also shuffle existing students elsewhere.

Check the box next to your chosen student(s), and additional options will display at the bottom of the page. Choose to Remove from this class, or move to another class. Both options will remove students from the current class.

Buttons to move students in a class

Other account changes

Check out our resources for more information on managing student accounts:

Stuck? Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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