How do students and staff access EP using Single Sign On (SSO)?

There are two ways to log into EP when SSO is enabled at your school: from our login page, or by a URL specific to your school.

From our login page

From the EP login page, click Log in with your school account (SSO).

Type the name of your school and click on it from the results. Next, you'll be taken to your school's login screen, where you can log in as normal.

You'll be returned to EP when your login is successful.

login page example with SSO

Searching for your school in SSO example

School-specific URL

Contact us and we can give you a URL specific to your school to bypass having to search for your school as shown above.

IDP initiated log in not working

At this time we do not support IDP initiated log in and you will most likely receive an error "missing redirect uri". If you are unable to log in using either of the two methods above, please contact us.

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