International EP Teacher Certification

The EP Teacher Certification represents the skill level of a teacher using Education Perfect, taking into account how experienced they are in using key features.

What is Teacher Certification?

Teacher Certification is recognised by the 1,600+ schools using EP around the world. Increasing your level can be useful in future career development as well as being a fantastic professional development opportunity to increase your ICT skills and get the most out of your EP subscription. 

Experience Points

Increase your Certification Level by earning Experience Points (XP). Many activities you complete on EP give you XP, such as logging into the Control Panel, creating tasks and content for your students, and assigning work. When you earn a specific number of points and have completed the core activities for the next level at least once, you'll move up a level!

Activity XP Activity XP
Log into the Control Panel**
1 Cheer your students on**
Assign a Homework Task
5 Create an In-School Competition 10
Give Feedback on a student's Smart Lesson answer** 5 Create an Inter-School Competition 30
Assign a Quiz
5 Refer a Friend/Colleague 15
Assign a Prebuilt Assessment
5 Attend an in-person/online EP PD Session 25
Compare Assessment Results** 5 Attend an EP webinar 10
Create a Translation List or a Spelling List or a Fact List 5 Run a PD session with colleagues 50
Create a Smart Lesson 20 Attend a Conference as an EP Teacher Hero 125
Create an Exam (Pre built Assessment) 20 Attend a Conference as an EP Conference Leader 500
Write Teachers' Community Post 25

**XP can only be earned once per day.

You'll receive double points the first time you complete an activity. For example, the first time you create a Smart Lesson you will receive 40 XP instead of 20.

Level 1: Beginner [10 XP]

To achieve Level 1, log in and assign either a Task, Quiz or Pre built Assessment to your students. The estimated time to earn is around 10 minutes. 

Level 2: Intermediate [100 XP]

To reach Level 2, you need to have earned 100 XP. You also need to assign an Assessment (either a Quiz or a Prebuilt Assessment). 

Level 3: Advanced [250 XP]

To reach Level 3 you need to have earned 250 XP. You also need to:

level 4 icon Level 4: Expert [1000 XP]

To reach Level 4 you need to have earned 1000 XP. You also need to create a Smart Lesson or Custom Exam, as well as the requirements for the prior levels.

Level 5: Guru [3000 XP]

Achieving Guru Level is estimated to be earned over 36-60 months and is held only by a small number of users.

In addition to earning 3000 XP, you need to complete each of the activities listed below at least once:

International Teacher Certification Perks

teacher certification programme banner

If you are based in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, or North or South America, at Levels 3 & 5, you'll qualify for free EP perks.

Here’s what you'll receive as a Level 3 Advanced teacher:

  • Membership to the EP Lab team (early access to new features, releases, and involvement in shaping the development of our platform).

Here's what you'll receive as a Level 5 Guru:

  • A fantastic EP Teacher Pack, including a variety of great products!
  • A free ticket to an online EP Professional Development course of your choosing, such as our annual Blended Learning Masterclass or our Languages Masterclass (for non-specialised Foreign/World Language teachers).

These perks are subject to change at any time.

Track Your Progress

To view your current level of certification, and the progress you are making towards the next level, select the button in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can see your current certification level in blue underneath your name here.

In the menu that appears, scroll down to and select Profile, and you will be taken to your profile which shows your certification details.

how to access profile from drop-down menu

Here you can find a breakdown of your current XP level and any specific activities you need to do in order to gain the next level of teacher certification.

Where can I download my Teacher Certification certificate?

You can download your individual Teacher Certification certificate by clicking your initials in the top right corner, and then Profile.

From there, click Download your certificate to obtain a .zip file containing your award, as well as a badge that you can include in your email signature or on social media.

download your certificate button in teacher profile

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