Sending Cheers to my students

You can send a cheer (also known as a sticker) to a student, which shows up on their screen. This can help to acknowledge and motivate hard-working students.

Cheers show up for students when they are browsing their dashboards, or viewing activity starter pages. Cheers will not show up while students are actively completing work.

Open the Classes tab, and click Who's Online.

This will show you a list of students who are online. You are able to either cheer individual students on by clicking on the horn icon beside their names, or you can collectively cheer on all students currently logged in by clicking on Message All Online Students! at the bottom of the page.

message all online students option

Cheers can only be received by students who are online and will only show on the student's screen when they are on the activity starter page or upon completion of a section of a list based task. 

Students can cheer each other on as well; if you want to stop this during class you can disable cheers during a homework task

Cheers can also be sent to students from the Tasks tab. Sending Cheers to students through a task is a good way to get a cheer to your entire class, without sending cheers to other students in your school.

Click into the Tasks tab, then into the assigned Task.

Teacher Dashboard with the Tasks tab highlighted

Click into the Monitor tab. Here you'll find the option to Message all, but you can also click an individual's name to message them. 

monitor tab

cheer individual

Students will receive the message on their end.


Rare Stickers

The comet, dolphin, rainbow, and unicorn stickers are rewards for reaching certain levels. They cost a significant number of points for students to send and teachers are awarded them for increasing their certification level

Check out what stickers are awarded at each level in the table below:

Achieving Level 0/1
Achieving Level 2
Comet: x10 
Achieving Level 3 Comet: x10, Dolphin: x10 
Achieving Level 4
Comet: x20, Dolphin: x20, Rainbow: x20, Unicorn x10 
Achieving Level 5 Unlimited Comet, Dolphin, Rainbow, and Unicorn stickers

Rare stickers will refresh annually at the start of the school year.

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