How do I log in to Education Perfect?

On a laptop or desktop computer

If you are logging in on a laptop or desktop computer, you should log in at can then enter your login details. If you're unsure what username to use, please contact our Support Team at

On a smartphone or tablet

If you are logging in on an iPad or iPhone, download the Apple version of the app, available for free in the  App Store.

If you are logging in on an Android phone or tablet, download the Android app, available for free on  Google Play.

Using Single Sign On

If your school has enabled  Single Sign On (SSO), you can log in to Education Perfect via your student portal.

Logging in using Google

You can log in directly through Google, provided your Google address is attached to your EP Account.

From the login page, click Sign in with Google. You'll be prompted to log in to your Google account, and then be taken directly to your account. 

If you log in with a valid Google account that is not associated with your EP account, you will be sent to a We couldn't sign you in using Google screen. Not to worry, you can still log in using your EP username + password or via Single Sign-On (SSO) as usual. Google login is entirely optional. 

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