How do I create a competition?

Competitions are useful tools for encouraging students to learn in a fun and engaging way.  You can run a competition in your class using the same platform that is used for the EP Official Events.

Navigate to the Competitions tab. The Competitions page will list any competitions that are currently assigned to classes within your school. This can be filtered to show any competitions that are currently running for specific classes or subjects by using the drop-down menus at the top of the page. 

Creating a custom competition

Click + Assign

You'll need to give the competition a name. Below the Name field, you have the option of writing a brief description for the competition. This description will be visible to students in the student app and on the competition scoreboard.

Showing how to name a competition

Who can compete?

In the Who? section, you can select the class(es) that you wish to participate in the competition.

If you want to set up an inter-school competition, get in touch with us and we'll arrange this for you. This can be a useful option if you want to make a private competition between you and a sibling school.

Note that for inter-school competitions, specific lists or lessons cannot be chosen and the material included needs to be all of the content from a chosen subject.

Showing how to select competitors or classes to compete

What work will they be doing?

In terms of what work students are able to complete to earn points for your competition, you have the option of either selecting entire subjects or selecting specific content from within one or more subjects. All items from the Content Library, except Assessments, can be combined to create the content students will engage with for your competition.

Showing how to add content that the student will work on during the competition

Once you've selected the work that you wish to assign, you'll be able to choose whether the focus of the competition is to revise work or to learn new work. 


The revision option allows students to earn points for work that they've already learned. This means that they'll be able to earn points for work that they've already earned points on prior to the competition.


The learning option will keep existing learning progress. This means that students won't be able to earn points on work that they've already mastered.

Showing how to set options between Learning and Revision

Students can periodically revise the same work to earn points. During a ten-day competition for example, they'll be able to earn up to three points on any given question.

Provided they have more points available, they'll be able to earn points by repeating content in both Revision and Learning modes. You can find out more about the points and scoring system here.

When can the students compete?

You can select when the competition starts and ends. This gives you the ability to set competitions up in advance.

Showing how to set start date and end date of competitions

How can competitors be awarded?

Finally, you have the option of deciding how many points students need to earn to reach each award tier. The default option will automatically adjust depending on the length of the competition, but you can change this as you please.

To help you recognise and reward your students' efforts, you can download our Bronze, Silver and Gold competition certificate templates. These are designed for unofficial competitions and can be customised and printed to hand out to deserving competitors.  

How to set number of points to reach each award tier

Once you're satisfied with the set-up, click Create Competition.

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