How do I rearrange content in my school's Library?

Using the Library, content for your school can be organised to enable students and teachers to easily access material that is suited to their ability, and know where to look to find accelerated or catch up material.

Creating new folders

Start by navigating to the Library tab. To create a new top-level folder, click Add top-level folder. Enter a name and click Create.

The My School's Content and My Content sections can be customised, while the Featured and EP Content areas are organised by EP.

Create a new sub-folder by clicking Folder in the Create new dropdown menu at the top.

Moving existing folders

Locate the lesson or folder that you want to move. Click and drag it into the required folder within your My Content or My School's Content areas.

Copying content

To make a copy of a piece of content, right-click and click Make a copy.

Then, move it to a new folder by right-clicking and selecting Move to... From here, select the destination folder or create a new folder. Click Confirm. Drag and drop also works well here!

You can also copy content from within a new folder. Navigate to the folder and select Copy Content. Choose your desired content and then Confirm Selection to confirm.

Moving content between different subjects

Sometimes content is accidentally created in the incorrect subject on EP. Teachers are unable to transfer content to the correct subject themselves, but EP can assist with this.

Contact our support team and they will direct you further. Please include:

  • The name of the lesson.
  • The subject it needs to be in.

Only Smart Lessons are able to be transferred between subjects. For lists, the easiest process is to export the list and then reimport it into a newly created list in the correct subject.

There are no easy workarounds for transferring Assessments between subjects at this time.

Copying EP Content

EP content can't be reorganised, but you can always add a copy into your My School's Content section.

To make a copy of EP content, right-click and select Customise. Once you've made a copy, you can make edits to that resource.

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