How do I add analysis tags to an assessment?

Analysis tags allow for recommended content to be suggested to students after their assessment is completed. This recommended material will focus on the learning areas that the student struggled with during the assessment.

Adding Analysis Tags

Assessments made by the Education Perfect team (like diagnostic tests) generally have analysis tags and recommended content already built in. You can add your own tags and recommended content when building a custom assessment for your students.

Analysis tags can only be added to Pre-built Assessments. They cannot be added to Quizzes.

Open Content

How to navigate to the Content section

Make sure you have Edit mode selected and navigate to the assessment you wish to add analysis tags to. Next, right-click the exam and select Edit exam.

Analysis tags can only be added to exam type content. To check the type of content, select the material and look on the right-hand side of the screen for the Type section. There are three different content types — List, Smart Lesson, and Exam.

To create new analysis groups, select Add tag.

Analysis groups break up the different skill areas covered in an assessment. You are able to set different recommended material for each different analysis group, allowing you to provide recommendations based on the specific skills each part of the assessment focuses on.

Name the analysis group and then click Add content

If you know exactly which recommended work you wish to select, find it and make sure it's checked. If you're unsure of exactly which lesson(s) you would like to be recommended, you can search for a specific topic using the box at the top of the page. Once you've selected the content which you wish to assign, confirm your selection.

Now that the recommendations are selected, you are able to set a Recommendation Threshold. You'll need to click on the tag and enter a percentage threshold. This number determines at which performance thresholds the recommendations are made. The default is 0-70%, which means that if a student scores below 70% on any sections of the assessment this analysis group applies to, the recommendation will be made. 

Another way to use this function is as an extension activity. For example, you could create Extra for Experts content which is assigned to students who scored very highly in a skill.

Once the Analysis tags are set up to your liking, make sure to select Save exam.

Limited Exam Editor

If your students have already started to complete the assessment, you are still able to update the analysis tags. When you select Edit Exam you will see the following prompt. To make changes on the assigned exam, select Edit live exam.

You will then be able to update the exam using the instructions in the section above.

The Limited Exam Editor option will only appear for content that is owned by you. You can see who the current owner of the exam is by selecting the exam in your Content Library using Edit mode.

How to check who the current owner of the exam is using Edit mode

You will also not be able to use Limited Exam Editor option if your exam is shared to Public. You can resolve this by selecting More and the Make Private to school.

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