Finding and sharing custom built content on EP

You can share content you have created on EP with other teachers at your school, as well as publicly. Likewise, other teachers using EP can share content they have made with you. Let’s explore!

Sharing content

Share your work easily on EP using this method!

  1. First, preview your chosen content.
  2. Click the three dots.
  3. Click Copy teacher link
  4. Send the link to another teacher by pasting it into a message or email. They'll be taken directly to your lesson.

Copying a teacher link from a piece of content

Received a shareable link from someone? Open it and click Add to my content to save it to your own Content Library to use.

showing the three dot menu and the option to add to my content

This method works for any teachers who have access to EP, not just your school.

Through the Content Library

Work that you drag to the My School’s Content section of the Content Library is accessible by any teacher at your school. They will see the same folder and lesson structure as you do. It's easy to move things around! See our guide here.

If you'd like to share work with teachers outside of your school, right-click and Share to Public.

option to share to public

Assign to the Staff Class

Want to test content that you've created? Select the Staff class when assigning your chosen content as a Task or Assessment.

Teachers at your school can then try the assigned work by navigating to their account’s Student Zone.

Troubleshooting & Copyright

Why can't I access a link that's been shared with me?

If you're based in Canada, you can only access sharing links from users who are also based in Canada.

The opposite applies to the rest of the world! Users in other locations are unable to access links from users based in Canada.

Can I share something in My Content publicly?

No - anything in My Content will need to first be moved to My School’s Content in order to share it publicly!

You can still share a direct link from My Content, however.

The Content I’m looking for isn’t showing up despite using the search bar.

Check the following:

  • You are searching within the correct subject.
  • You are searching for the exact name of the lesson or teacher.
  • You have ensured that Teacher Community content is enabled in the Author dropdown (as of September 2022, this is switched off by default).

Still having trouble? Contact us for further assistance. 

Copyright on EP

Please only upload content to which you hold the copyright. For full details on your intellectual property obligations, refer to our Terms of Use which can be found here.

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