How do I share content that I've made with other teachers?

You are able to share the content that you have made with other teachers in your school, and around the world.

Sharing Content with teachers in your school

From the EP Content Library

Navigate to your Content Library and ensure that the switch in the top-right of the page is set to Edit mode. 

Drag the list you'd like to share to a folder under the My School's Content section. Everything in this section is shared between all of the teachers at a school, so moving the content here will allow other teachers in your school to access it.

Assign to Staff class

If you want to test out some content that you've created, use the Staff class. To do this, navigate to 'My Content', right click or click on the 3 dots of the content you wish to share, and select the yellow Assign homework/task option.

From here you can assign your content to the Staff class. Once assigned, teachers at your school will be able to try the assigned work out when they are in their account's Student Zone.

Sharing content with teachers from other schools

From the EP Content Library

If you'd like to share work with teachers outside of your school, you can right-click the content and  Share to Public

Once you have shared it publicly, teachers at other schools can search for your lesson in their Content Library using your name, or the name of the lesson.

From your Teacher Profile

You can also share lessons you have created from your Teacher Profile. After navigating to your profile, you will see a list of lessons you have made. Simply click the globe to share it publicly, and click it again to make it private.

Once you have shared it publicly, teachers at other schools can search for your lesson in their Content Library using your name, or the name of the lesson.

Finding content that has been shared from teachers at other schools

From the EP Content Library

Once Content has been shared publicly by a teacher, you will be able to find it on your EP Content Library. Simply click on the search bar and type in the name of the lesson. You can also search using the teacher's name.

Please note: In order to find the content, you will need to know the name of the lesson and be in the correct subject library.

Hiding Content

You have the option of hiding work from students. This allows you to prevent students from accessing work before you've assigned it to them.

Hidden content is denoted by the crossed out eye icon.

Even if a task has been hidden from students, they'll be able to use it if it's assigned to them.

Sharing Content Publicly

Sharing content publicly allows users in other schools to find it by searching in the Content Library. 

Shared lists are marked by a globe icon.

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