Enrolling Classes - A Quick Guide

To begin using Education Perfect with your students, you'll need to enroll your class/es on the EP platform. This is a simple two-step process that must be completed by a teacher. 

Step 1: Get your Class Lists  

The easiest way to get your class lists is to export these from your school's LMS as a spreadsheet, especially if your school is enrolling students for multiple subject areas. Your IT team should be able to help with this if you need a hand. 

If you are unable to get information from your school's LMS, or if it's easier, you can simply fill out our template spreadsheet instead.

Here's the key information we need: 

  • Student name (first & last) 
  • Student email addresses 
  • Class name 
  • Teacher name 
  • Subject 

You can also include Student IDs and Parent Email Addresses if you like, but these details are optional. 

Step 2: Submit Your Class Lists

When you log into your EP account, you should see a 'Set up your classes on EP' section on your homepage. 

Simply select ' Upload class lists' to continue. 

If this option does not appear on your homepage, you can click on the ' Upload Classes' button within your 'Classes' tab.

Either way, both buttons will take you through to our Upload portal. Here, you can select either  Priority Upload or Standard Upload

Priority upload will allow you to enrol your classes with a quicker turnaround. However, in order to do this, you will need to ensure that your class list follows our template format and contains the correct information. Standard upload is a bit slower, but more flexible too. 

What happens after my students are enrolled?

As soon as your students are enrolled, they'll be able to log in and start using EP! 

If they have student email addresses, they'll be sent an email inviting them to set a secure password. If they don't have email addresses, you'll be sent a list of your students' temporary passwords that you can distribute to them. Temporary passwords are valid for 72 hours. 

As a teacher, you can check your students' log-in details, reset passwords and update student information at any time. Simply click on the 'Classes' tab on your EP homepage. 

Need a hand? 

If you need assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team at support@educationperfect.com. Your local Teacher Consultant will also be happy to guide you through the enrolment process if you need a hand! 

At Education Perfect, we care deeply about data safety, security and privacy. Our Privacy Policy is available here for your reference.

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