Education Perfect copyright guidelines

This article contains copyright information for content stored on Education Perfect.

Guidelines on Creating Content

Images & GIFs

You are welcome to include images in your EP lessons, but it is important to not use images protected by copyright. Any images created by you are fine to use, as well as images where you have permission from the creator to use them.

Images that are in the public domain are also available to use, as are certain images under a creative commons licence. Be sure to check what license the image is under; some images may appear free to use, but are in fact restricted to personal use. Do not use images under an ND or NC licence. Images under a creative commons license must be attributed to their creator.

This also applies to GIFs. You are welcome to use GIFs that you have created yourself, but GIFs from films or TV shows are protected by copyright. 

Embedding resources

You are welcome to freely embed links to YouTube videos in your lessons. As the video is not being hosted on Education Perfect, you do not need to worry about copyright.

This often applies to other sites you might want to embed within a lesson, such as a Google Map or a ThingLink. Be sure to check the licence or user agreement before embedding, as some sites do not allow their work to be embedded for commercial purposes. 


If a source is copyrighted (such as a novel, a website, or a textbook), then you cannot reproduce it within EP studio. Typically, you can use some part of a text as long as it is not 'substantial'.

You are welcome to use any texts that are within the public domain, but be aware that 'public domain' varies between countries. Check the copyright laws in your country before using any texts. 

More information on country-specific copyright rules can be found here:

If your country is not listed here, please check your local country's guidelines.

Do not share any content outside of your school if you have used copyrighted material.

How to properly cite & attribute copyright material in an EP lesson

When sharing content from other creators in your lessons, you will need to make sure that they are correctly cited. There are a few different citation styles that you can choose from.

Citation Style: Citation instructions:

Copyright User Principles

This is a summary of the principles we require you to follow as an Education Perfect user and is provided purely as a convenience to you. 

  • Content provided by Education Perfect and our partners is subject to copyright.
  • You can't distribute and share official Education Perfect lessons outside of Education Perfect. 
    • This includes other teachers and schools who aren't Education Perfect users. 
    • You can export lessons for your own personal use if you need to.
  • If you or a student needs to cite an Education Perfect lesson as a reference, instructions on how to do this can be found here.
  • If you upload your own lessons into Education Perfect, you retain the copyright, and you grant Education Perfect a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to your content. 
  • If you create original content on Education Perfect, you can print and distribute this freely.
  • By uploading content, you give other Education Perfect users the right to use, copy and modify the content.
  • You must only upload content to which you hold intellectual property rights.

For the full details, please refer to our Terms of Service.

You are responsible for any and all content you create on Education Perfect. If anyone makes a legal claim against that content, repercussions will solely be on the user.

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