How do I format questions in EP Studio?

In EP Studio, you can easily format your questions to suit your needs.

Formatting questions

You can add a component to your questions by double-clicking on the tile or by dragging it over into the question.

If the component you are trying to add will not fit in the area where you are trying to place it, the area will highlight red. If the area is highlighted green then it is okay to place the component there.

If you aren't happy with how things are placed, you can click and drag the components into different areas of the question.

You can also resize each component to fit the slide.

There will be a limit to how small each component can go.

You can also double-click any component to edit it.

Adding explanations

If you would like to add an explanation for your students to see when they have answered the question you can select the Explanation option. You can add components to the slide the same way you would add them to the question.

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