How do I format components in EP Studio?

In EP Studio, you can easily change the size and layout of your questions and components to suit your needs.

Formatting questions

Once you're editing or creating content on EP, you can add a component to a question slide by dragging it onto the slide, or by double-clicking on the component tile in the sidebar.

Different component options

Click and drag the dotted box to move components into different areas of the slide.

drag and drop components

Some components take up more space than others! 

You'll see a red notification if your component won't fit where you want it to go, but if it's green, you're good to go.

error when placing a component

Use the sliders to resize components. There is a limit to how small each component can go.

resizing components

Click on a component to configure it at any time.

Learn how to configure each component type by checking out our guides!

editing components

Adding explanations

Choose to add an  Explanation to your slide. If a student answers incorrectly, they’ll be shown the correct answer along with the explanation. 

Click the Explanation tab and add Information & Media components to outline your clarification.

explanation option for a component

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