How do I include Peer Review when Building Lessons?

You can add Peer Review to both new and existing lessons. Peer Review will enable your students to see how their peers approached a given question and offer their feedback in a teacher moderated environment.

Navigate to the Tasks & Homework section of your Control Panel.

Click Assign Task then select Peer Review

Click 2. What? and you'll be taken to the content library. Select specific questions by clicking an existing lesson then clicking Assign specific sections

Select the questions you want your students to peer review and click Confirm Selection

Students rate answers based on a star scale. You're able to change the text associated with each star level to help your students to decide what rating to give a response.

Add information on exactly what feedback you'd like your students to give in the  Comment Instruction section. 

Setting up new Peer Review questions

Open up the Content Library in Edit mode and select the Smart Lesson tile within the taskbar at the top of the screen.

You're able to add Quiz and Information sections if you'd like, but to enable peer review, you must include Extended Response sections.

Set up your question and response requirements. You can include marking criteria and/or exemplars under the Feedback section. For full details on how to set up Extended Response questions, check out this help guide.

Once you're happy with the question, open  Optional Settings and enable Peer Review.

Once you're finished setting up your lesson, you may want to assign it to your students as a Task.

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