Using EP Studio to create the SAC

This article will guide you through the process of creating your own SAC to be run on Education Perfect.

Creating an exam 

To begin creating your own SAC, navigate to Content. From there, select Edit mode and the desired subject.

Drop-down menu for subjects

Next, select Exam from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Exam option in create new drop-down menu

For more details on creating your own exam from scratch, you can refer to our help guide How do I create an assessment?

Creating a title slide

To create a title slide for your SAC, create an information slide. You can either do this by selecting one of our existing templates or by dragging and dropping the components into a Blank slide.

More details on creating an Information Slide can be found in our article How do I make an Information slide?

Different slide options in exam

When creating a title slide, you can include the crest of your school, the name of the SAC, and any other details regarding the SAC.

Creating an instruction slide

To create an instruction slide for your SAC, create an information slide. Here you can put all the necessary information your students need to know.

More details on creating an Information Slide can be found in our article How do I make an Information slide?

Information slide in exam creation

Creating an authentication slide

You will need to authenticate your students' attempts for the SAC. You may have ideas that would work for your school. A way that you can build authentication into your EP-built SAC would be to create a scratchpad style question. Using this component, your students can sign their names to indicate that they understand the requirements of the exam.

If you choose to use this method of authentication, please be aware that this slide will add a marking value when your students' attempts are submitted. You will need to take this into account when grading the exam.

More details on creating a Scratchpad slide can be found in our article How do I make a Scratchpad question?

Scratchpad question in exam creation

Randomising assessment questions

To minimise the sharing of answers between students, you can randomise the order that the questions are presented. To give your students a unique question order, you can select the section in the sidebar and then tick Randomise question order. As this is done by section, you can choose which sections are randomised and which can be presented in a specific order.

Randomise question order

For multiple choice questions, you can also randomise the order in which the answers are presented to the students. To do this, click Edit on the Multi-choice component.

Multi-choice question when creating an exam

Toggle to  Random.

Random tab on a multi choice question

More details on creating a Multiple Choice Question can be found in our article How do I make a multichoice question?

My Content vs My School's Content

By default, your newly created exam will save to your My Content folder. Any content in this folder will only be visible to you. If you would like to share the SAC with other teachers in your school, it will need to be moved into the My School's Content folder. You can do this by clicking and dragging the exam into the correct folder.

For more information on the difference between My Content and My School's Content, you can read through our help guide How do the workspaces in the Content Library work?

For more details on sharing content with your colleagues, you can refer to our article How do I share content that I've made with other teachers?

We recommend creating a copy of the SAC you created and sharing that copy with your colleagues rather than the original version you created. This will ensure that you have a backup version if your colleagues decide to make changes to the shared copy. You can create a copy by clicking on the three dots or right-clicking the item and then selecting Make a copy.

Make a copy option

To ensure that your students will not be able to view the SAC before it has been assigned to them, you will need to ensure that it is hidden from your students. You can do this by selecting the Hide from students option.

For more detailed instructions on hiding content from your students, refer to our help guide.

Running the assessment with your students

Once you have created the SAC exam, you can assign it to your students by following the instructions in our help guide How do I set a pre-built assessment? This guide will explain the Select classes and students, Set dates, and Select content sections as well as cover the Options sections in more detail.

There are some things you should keep in mind while setting up the assessment to ensure the assessment is as secure as possible. Under the Options section, enter the number 1 under the Number of attempts option. This will ensure that the students will only be able to access the assessment once.

Options section

Under the Security section for Options, tick the option to require an access code. This will ensure that students cannot open or attempt the assessment until you have given them the code. Once the first lot of students have completed the assessment, you can generate a new access code by following the instructions in our help guide How do I change an assessment's access code? This will mean students who will be sitting the assessment later, either because they missed the original assessment or because they are in a different stream, cannot access the assessment by having the original code passed on to them by another student.

Access code option

Under the Security section for Options, toggle the Full Screen option on. This will allow you to monitor your students' activity remotely. 

More information on how to monitor your assessment can be found in our article How do I monitor my assessment?

Full screen toggle

When the assessment is active, this will allow you to see live updates of your students' activity through the Monitor tab. You will be able to see if they are experiencing any technical issues or if they have lost focus on the assessment.

Monitored Assessment Mode complements a vigilant teacher in the room, but doesn't replace them. Overall responsibility for the integrity of the assessment stays with the teacher in the classroom.

Montior section in an exam

It will also give your students a warning if they try to leave the assessment screen.

Warning screen for students

Under the Options section, toggle the Text to Speech option, unless you would like this available to assist students with their assessment attempt.

Text to speech option

Under the Results section, ensure that you have Withhold student results until I choose to release them ticked.

Results section

Once you are happy with the settings, click Assign.Assign button and Email notifications section

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