How do I hide a List, Lesson or an Assessment from my students?

You can hide any content within the Library from students so that they're unable to access it. 

This can be beneficial for students that tend to jump too far ahead without focusing on their current work or for preventing students from seeing an assessment before they sit it.

Checking visibility settings

First, navigate to the Library tab and locate your desired content.

There are two ways to check the visibility settings of a piece of content:

  • Clicking the resource brings up the sidebar, which notes whether or not the resource is visible.
  • An eye symbol on the lesson's icon indicates that the resource is hidden.

All teachers at your school can always see content under My School's Content, regardless of visibility settings.

Hiding activities

To hide an activity, right-click then click Hide from students (or show to students for the opposite).

This option is available in all sections excluding the My Content section, as this is a private workspace for you only.

Hiding folders

To hide an entire folder, right-click it in the left-hand pane and select Hide from students.

Again, simply repeat the action to make the folder visible again.

This option is currently only available for top-level folders under My School's Content, not sub-folders.

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