How do the workspaces in the Content Library work?

There are three sections in the Content Library: the "My Content" section, a section for Customised School Content, and a section for Education Perfect Content. Each of them behaves differently.

My Content

My Content is a place where you can create courses and lessons that are only visible to you. No other students or teachers can see content you create here, unless you explicitly assign it as a task or assessment. Each subject will have a separate "My Content" section for the content you have created or saved.

My Content is a good place to put content while you're building it and don't want people to access it. Drag the activity you've made into a module in My School's Content when it's finished and ready to be used by students.

My School's Content

My School's Content contains all of the custom modules and folders in your school. It is accessible to and editable by all teachers in the school, and students can see everything (except for lists or modules that have been hidden). 

When your school starts using Education Perfect you won't have anything in the My School's Content section so it won't display.

For subjects whose content closely follows a specific curriculum, like Science and Maths, you may not need to make large customisations to the existing Education Perfect content. You might like to organise the curriculum-aligned content to match your unit or term plans. For subjects like Languages and English where a variety of different texts and resources may be used, we recommend creating a module for each year level, filled with the topics you're going to cover with your classes during the year. You can work with our content team to do this if you need help - contact them on

Education Perfect Content

Education Perfect Content is made of modules created by the EP team and shared with all schools around the world. Because of this, you can't edit them directly; you'll be prompted to make a copy of our official modules into either My Content or the My School's Content section. 

Copying the module into the  My School's Content section will mark our module as hidden, so students don't see two versions of the same module. 

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