How do I enrol my classes on Education Perfect?

EP has a dedicated student enrolment team who can create accounts for all of your students. All you need to do is send us their details!

Quick Start guide

Information required varies from school to school. Aside from details such as name and class, we prefer to include an additional unique identifier (Student ID or email address) on accounts. This stops duplication of accounts in the future and enables us to match up user progress year on year.

Here's what we need:

** Required:

  • Student name (first & last)
  • Class name
  • Class subject
  • Class year level
  • Teacher name & email address

** Recommended (for some schools, these details are required):

  • Student email address
  • Student ID number

** Optional:

To check your school’s specific requirements, contact our Support Team at

Formatting your data: 

The easiest way to compile your class lists is to export them from your school's management system as a spreadsheet. The IT or administration staff at your school should be able to help with this if you need a hand.

Alternatively, fill out our template spreadsheets (download here for students; here for teachers).

How to get it to us:

Drag & drop your files in our Upload Portal here. Alternatively, click the Upload Classes button under your Classes tab:

Teacher Dashboard showing Upload Classes button

Priority upload will allow you to enrol your classes with a quicker turnaround. Standard upload can increase the wait time by up to a few days but will allow you to have more flexibility with the data you submit.

Click here to find out how to automatically enrol your students!

Detailed guide:

Step 1: Gathering Information

Here’s what we need to create new accounts:

Student Accounts Teacher Accounts
First and last name ** First and last name **
Teacher Name ** School email address **
Class name  ** Subject(s) taught **
Class year level **
Class subject **
School email address **  
Student ID **  
Parent email address(es) **  
Class management ID **

** Required
** Recommended (for some schools, these details are required)
** Optional

Does your school use an LMS/LTI integration or Single Sign On?  We'll also need the identifiers for those integrations!

What if I can't get all of these details? Get in touch with your IT/Administration staff to get ahold of the info, otherwise contact our team at and we can help with alternative options.

Export from your LMS/SMS (recommended)

The easiest way to get this information is to export class lists from your Student Management System as a spreadsheet. We have guides available for some systems:

Fill out our template

Another option is to fill out our template spreadsheets and submit these to us. Tip: Put different subject areas in separate tabs.

Download our teacher template here

Download our student template here

  • If using the teacher template above: for a teacher’s taught subjects, write TRUE under all relevant departments.
  • If using the student template:
    • For subjects, use the full name (E.g. Maths, Science, Japanese).
    • For year/grade level, please use short form (E.g. Y1, Y2 or G1, G2 ...).
    • For both options, you can use semicolons to list items (E.g. English; Maths; Japanese).

Manual enrolment options

If you only have a few changes to make, you are welcome to action these yourself.

Automated enrolment options

If your class list contains all the correct information in our template format, it’s possible to have it enrolled instantly. Information on this can be found in our article How can my classes be automatically enrolled?

EP has a new integration with Wonde, which allows schools to connect their SMS/SIS to the EP platform. This integration updates account and class information automatically, with no manual enrolment required. Interested? Find out more here!

Step 2: Submitting Class Lists

  1. Drag & drop your files into our Upload Portal here. Alternatively, click the Upload Classes button under your Classes tab:

Teacher Dashboard showing Upload Classes button

Priority upload gives you the quickest turnaround, however, your class list must follow our template format. 

Standard upload can increase the wait time by up to a few days but will allow you to have more flexibility with the data you submit (required data must still be included).

For a Priority Upload, the eligibility for your class list is shown with either a green tick or red cross. If you see a red cross, click More Info to check why your list is ineligible. 

You can either update your spreadsheet to be eligible and retry, or Continue as a Standard Upload.

Upload Portal showing green tick and red cross examplesUpload Portal showing related descriptions for red cross and green tick (missing details)

  1. Select your class departments, and whether your classes are trialling or purchasing. Unsure? Click Don't know.
  2. Next:
    1. Specify class codes to enrol (if applicable).
    2. Leave a comment for our team (optional).
    3. Choose whether your students should be emailed.
    4. Let us know if we should expect more class lists from your department.
  3. Click Submit Class Lists, and you’re all done! You will be notified via email once your students have been enrolled.

Provide final enrolment details in portal

Next Steps

Once your classes are up and running (you will be notified via email), you can:

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Here are some tips to ensure prompt enrolment:

  • List student first and last names as they appear on the roll in separate columns (leave out middle names).
  • Ensure each class has a unique name (E.g. 2022 French - Year 07.A, B, C...). If not, an entire year level could be enrolled in one class, making assigning work difficult.
  • Use school issued email addresses instead of personal email addresses. 
    • If your school does not issue email addresses to students: please let us know; and include Student ID numbers if possible. These help us preserve students' work from one year to the next and stop duplicate accounts from being set up.
  • Ensure every teacher in the class list has a full name and an email address.

What happens once my classes are enrolled?

Once everything is set up, we’ll notify you (and any teachers who are attached to the classes we’ve enrolled) via email. Classes appear on the EP platform right away and are ready to go.

Unless you have specified otherwise, and if we have email addresses for students, then we’ll email students we have created new accounts for. Students will be invited to log in and set a secure password.

Student activation email example, showing 'activate your account' button.

What file types can EP accept?

We prefer Excel spreadsheets (especially for large requests), but we can accept any copyable format including PDFs and Word documents. 

.csv files: Please note that these can only contain a single sheet, and additional sheets are lost once saved. If including multiple sheets, ensure that you save in a format beginning with .xl.

Scanned images of class lists (or pdfs with non-selectable text) can not be accepted due to transcribing limitations.

My classes haven't changed since last year, do I need to re-enrol them?

If your classes for the new year are more-or-less the same, you don't need to send your classes in again. To get them ready for the new school year:

  1. Navigate to the Classes section of your Dashboard and click the class.
  2. Click the pencil icon and update the class name from '2021' to '2022'. 
  3. Update the Academic Year to 2022 (or 2021-2022 if following the Northern Hemisphere academic year).
  4. All done!

Edit name button and academic year editor

The security and privacy of user data is important to us. Our Privacy Policy is available on our website.

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