How do I enrol my classes on Education Perfect?

Education Perfect has a dedicated student enrolment team who can create accounts for all of your students - all you have to do is send us their details.

We need the following details to make accounts:

Student Accounts Teacher Accounts
First name * First name *
Last name * Last name *
School email address * School email address *
Class name(s) (e.g. Year 07 French A) * Subject(s) taught *
Teacher name *
Student ID *
Parent email address(es) * (We can host multiple)

* Recommended

If your school has an  LMS integration or uses Single Sign On, we'll also need the identifiers for those integrations, for both students and teachers. 

We care about the privacy of students. Our Privacy Policy is available on our website.

What do I do if I can't get all of these details?
Contact our team at and we can talk about alternative options; for example, in some circumstances we can enrol your students without email addresses or student IDs. 

Class List Creation Options

The options listed below are for creating your class lists to send through to us.

Once your class lists are ready, you send them directly through the system by clicking here.

Option 1: Export from your Student Management System (recommended)

The easiest way to get this information is to export class lists from your Student Management System as a spreadsheet, especially if your school is enrolling students for multiple subject areas. Your IT team will be able to help with this. We have help documentation for some common student management systems:

Option 2: Fill out our template spreadsheet

If you are unable to get information from your Student Management System, your school is only enrolling one subject area for Education Perfect, or you have fewer than 200 students to enrol, you can fill out our template spreadsheets for teachers and students and submit these to us. 

Download our teacher template here

Download our student template here

When noting departments on the teacher template spreadsheet, write TRUE under all the relevant departments to ensure that the departments are correctly set up.

Option 3: Manual enrolment (not recommended)

If you only have a few students to enrol and are experienced with the Control Panel, you may choose to enrol your students directly. If you haven't done this before, we strongly recommend sending student details to us for processing on your behalf.

Avoiding Common Errors

To ensure your students are all enrolled correctly and quickly, please check the following before submitting your students' details to us:

  • Does your spreadsheet have separate first and last name columns? Leave out any middle names; only the first and last names are necessary.
  • Does each class group have a unique class name (e.g. Year 07 French A, B, C...)? If not, an entire year level could be added to one class which makes setting tasks very difficult.
  • Are Student IDs included? These help us to preserve students' work from one year to the next, and to make sure that if you have two students with the same name, they each get an account of their own.
  • Does every teacher in the class lists have a full name and an email address? 

Unfortunately, scanned class lists can not be accepted. Please contact us at if your school's system does not support digital exports.

Submitting Class Lists

When you log into your account, you will be able to see a 'Set up your classes on EP' section under the 'My Classes' tab.  To submit your class via spreadsheet, you can select Upload class lists.

If you would like to create your own classes and add your students via a class code, you can select the option Create a Class. For more instructions, you can read through our article How do I create classes?

If this option does not appear below 'My Classes', you can open Upload Classes from the Classes tab.

From here, select either Priority Upload or Standard UploadPriority upload will allow you to enrol your classes with a quicker turnaround. However, in order to do this, you will need to ensure that your class list follows our template format and contains the correct information.

Upload your class lists by dragging and dropping them into the portal from your computer, or by clicking  Pick files

If you have selected the Priority Upload option, the eligibility for your class list will be shown with either a green tick or red cross. You will need to select the departments your classes are for as well as whether your classes are trialling or purchasing. If you are unsure, select Don't Know.

If your class list has all the correct information in it, it is possible for it to be automatically enrolled without help from our Enrolment Team. For more information on this process, refer to our article  How can my classes be automatically enrolled?

If you are not sure why your class list is ineligible, you can click on More Info. From here, you can either update your spreadsheet to be eligible or continue as a Standard Upload.

Next, choose whether your students should be emailed, and confirm the school you would like the class enrolled in (if you teach at more than one school). You will also be able to leave a comment with any additional information. 

If you know there are more teachers at your school who are going to send in class lists, tick the  There are more class lists to come from my department checkbox. This helps us to set up all of the classes your department sends in in one go where possible.

Once you're done, click Submit Class Lists.

My classes haven't changed since last year, do I need to re-enrol them?

If your classes for the new year are more-or-less the same as the ones you used in the previous year, you don't need to send your classes in again.

To get them ready for 2021, simply navigate to the class page in the Manage Accounts section of your Control Panel. Then, select the pencil icon and update the class name from '2020' to '2021' and update the Academic Year to 2021.

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