Understanding the Student Zone as a teacher

Our Student Help Site contains a comprehensive selection of articles to help students navigate Education Perfect.

Teachers are welcome to browse the Student Help Site directly, otherwise, we've outlined some key information below.

You're welcome to share any of these articles with your students directly!

Article Description

Getting students started

Student Login Guide
This article covers comprehensive login information for students, and how they can access their accounts on EP.
Getting Started for Students
This article is a great kickstart guide for new students, and explains how to access the key parts of the student dashboard.

This article is also a great reference point for teachers to understand the student experience. Teachers can access their own Student Zone, check out our guide!
Joining a class on EP using a Class Join Code  As a teacher, you're able to easily enrol students by generating and giving out Class Join Codes. This article explains how students can use these codes.
Paying for a subscription
Some schools enable a payment portal on EP, where students are prompted to make payment for their subscription in-app. This article covers the steps on how to complete payment from a student (and parent) perspective.

Completing work on EP

How can students access their set work?
This article covers how students can navigate to and access any work that's been set for them on EP, as well as access EP lessons for independent learning.
How students can view teacher feedback?
This article outlines how students can view any feedback that's been left by their teacher, and follow up or resubmit if required.
How do Assessments work for students?
This article shows how students can sit their assigned Assessments on EP.
How does earning points for my students work?
This article explains how the points system works on EP - students can be very focused on their EP points! 

Student usage and results

How can students see the work they've done?
This article shows how students can view their Learning Record, and check their overall usage and completion history.
How can students view their Assessment results?
This article shows how students can access their results for a specific Assessment they have completed.


ANZ Competition Rules
This article covers the rules for our ANZ competitions.
International Competition Rules This article covers the rules for competitions that are hosted for users outside of ANZ.
Taking part in EP Competitions
This article explains how students can take part in our competitions.
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