Creating Class Join Codes for your classes

You can create Class Join Codes to allow your students to enrol themselves into your class(es). This can help you quickly set up classes and get your students up and running, without any manual data entry. Let's explore!

Before we begin

  • If your school is integrated with Wonde, your classes and accounts are managed via your school's Student Management System. Find out more here.
  • If your school uses Single Sign On (SSO), Class Join Codes can only be used with students who have existing EP accounts. New accounts cannot be created for SSO schools using this method, due to user provisioning requirements.
  • Check out other student enrolment methods here!

Creating Class Join Codes

Start by creating a class in the Classes tab (you can generate codes for existing classes, too!).

When viewing the class, click the Generate Code button to create a Class Join Code. 

Generate code buttons

A dialogue box will pop up confirming your Class Join Code. Click Copy to save the code to your clipboard, to be pasted elsewhere and passed along to students.

You can also Refresh the code to generate a new one, or click Remove to turn the code off.

Class join code dialogue

You can now distribute the code to your students, so they can add themselves to your class! Student instructions can be found here.

For any questions about this process, please feel welcome to contact our team.

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