How do assessments work for students?

This article covers how you can access and complete assessments that are assigned by your teacher on Education Perfect.

Once you are logged in, click the Tasks & Assessments tab.

arrow pointing to tasks and assessments tab

You'll be shown all assigned work that needs to be completed. Click into the relevant assessment.

active assessment in tasks and assessments tab

If you've received an email about an assigned assessment, you can also click the link within that email to be taken straight to it!

Starting your assessment

When you're ready, click  Start Assessment to begin. You may need to enter an Access Code - this will be chosen by and provided by your teacher.

  • Most assessments have a limited amount of time. Ensure that you are ready to begin the assessment before selecting Start Assessment.
  • If your teacher has enabled full screen monitor mode, you'll be prompted to go full screen on your device. This mode doesn't work in Safari, so you may need to switch over to another browser (Google Chrome is best!) to access it. 

access code section

Your assessment will then begin to load. This may take a moment.

prompt for an assessment looading

Completing the assessment

Once loaded, you can complete the assessment by entering answers for each question. Click  Next to move on to the next question.

example of an assessment

You can always go back to previous questions by clicking  Previous, or by clicking the specific question in the left hand sidebar. 

arrow showing where questions are

Once you're all done, click  Submit on the final question, or Submit Assessment at the top of the screen.

submit button

You'll be asked to review your submission. Make sure to check you've answered all the questions! 

Click  Back to assessment if you'd like to go back and change something. If you're happy, select Submit now.

overview of assessment before submitting

All done! You'll see a submission screen, and it may take a moment for everything to finish loading. 

Don't close this window until your assessment attempt has been fully saved.

submitting assessment

What happens after the assessment is completed?

To see results, click the Learning Record tab and navigate to the specific assessment. 

learning record tab

You will be able to see the details of the completed assessment as well as your grade. For more information on your marks, you can select View Marks.

If you cannot see your final grade, your teacher will still be marking your assessment and you'll need to wait a little longer. 

For more information, check out our article How can students view their Assessment results?

What device and browser should I use?

If your teacher has enabled Full Screen Monitor Mode for your assessment, you can not use Safari. You will need to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

If you are using an iPad or tablet to access your assessment, you'll need to use the EP App. Download this by following our guide: Where do I find the Education Perfect App?

Assessments are not available on phones. To complete an assessment, please log into your account using a laptop, computer, or iPad/tablet.

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