How can students access their set work?

As a teacher, it's useful to know how students can access work that you've assigned them. We've outlined the different ways students can go about doing this. We also have a built in feature that lets teachers see things as a student would.

Through Email

Provided your students are set up with an email address, you have the option of sending them an email notification when you're assigning a task or assessment.

When you select this option, your students will receive an email at the beginning of the activity. Your students can click on the link in these emails to be taken directly to the task, without the need to log in.

Through the Student Zone

Students can access their work by logging in as they normally would at

To make it easier for you to understand how things work on the student end, you're able to open the Student Zone yourself and attempt any work that you've set for your students.

To get to the Student Zone, from your Control Panel Dashboard, click on the downwards facing arrow in the top right-hand corner, then click Student Zone.

First time logging in

The first time you access the Student Zone, you'll be prompted to select your favourite subject(s). Once you've selected favourites, they'll appear at the top of the Student Zone whenever you log in.

Click on Tasks & Assessments at the top of the page. If there are multiple tasks/assessments, you can filter this section by subject or by searching for the title of the activity.

Click on the task to open it and click one of the sections to begin.

Testing a Task/Assessment before Assigning it

We have a separate article that covers how to test tasks and assessments before you assign them to your students here.

Accessing Past Work

The Learning Record contains all of the work that students have done in the past. This is a convenient way to access tasks or assessments that have ended. 

You can use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down the work shown by activity type, time-frame and subject.


Active competitions and competitions that are coming up in the near future can be accessed through the Competitions page.

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