Overcoming device and network access limitations

Is reliable access to devices or internet creating obstacles with Education Perfect in your classroom? Here are some quick ideas to help overcome these barriers.

Direct Instruction

Use Fullscreen mode to deliver EP Smart Lessons to the class. Engage students with the automatically marked questions by creating teams, having students answer on the board or respond with paddles. Students can answer the extended response questions in their notebooks or they could form part of a class discussion.

Fullscreen toggle in EP


Creating competitions using the content that students are focusing on in class is a great way to engage students both in and outside of class time. Competitions can be accessed through the EP Student app as well as desktop devices.

Whole Class Games

There are many ways to adapt EP content into fun, yet educational, games and activities that require a single device to play. View the list of ideas here.

Homework / Revision Work

Use Fullscreen mode to deliver Smart Lesson Information slides to the class. Then, assign the automatically marked and extended response sections to students to complete for homework or as revision.

EP Student App

EP Smart Lessons & Tasks can be accessed through the EP Student app on mobile devices. Assessments can also be accessed on tablet devices. Monitor student activity using EP’s Live Feed or Monitor options to ensure students are on-task.

Rotation Activities & Learning Stations

Assign a Task on EP for students to do as one activity in a learning stations rotation. Students can work together to determine answers to questions. Set the Task with the time parameters for that lesson only plus a week’s late submission. This way, you will know how much students completed in class. The rest is then homework or carryover to the next lesson.

Computer Labs & Device Banks

Use lab time or device banks to complete pre-testing activities. Use this data to inform your teaching and then apply any of the ideas listed on this page to deliver content accordingly. Finally, use labs or device banks again to complete your post-testing.

Pair / Group Work

Assign a Task or Assessment to a pair or group of students. Edit the Smart Lesson or Assessment ahead of time to include an Extended Response slide asking for the names of the group members or keep a written record of this.

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