How can I aggregate my students' common strengths and weaknesses?

Knowing where your students are excelling or struggling will help you determine key points in a topic to focus on.

Education Perfect provides a variety of analytics and tools to help you determine how your class is performing as a whole and their overall strengths and weaknesses.

First,  set up an assessment through the Assessments section of your Control Panel and have your students sit the assessment. If you have built your own assessment material, please refer to our guide on adding analysis tags to your assessment.

The reporting and analytics our assessments provide is more in-depth and detailed than that provided by setting a homework task. Because of this, we recommend setting an assessment when trying to determine how your students are doing in a topic/area.

When your students have completed the assessment, navigate to the  Assessments section of your Control Panel again, mouse over the assessment you set and select the Analysis option.

The Analysis section provides a detailed overview of how your students performed in the assessment, starting with a bar graph displaying the range of results. For this assessment, we can see that the average mark was 55% across 3 students.

Directly below the bar graph, we have the individual student results. This is provided in an overall percentage, as well as the students' scores in each section of the assessment.

Below the student results is the most relevant part of the report — Analysis and Recommendations. This section lists the different topics/areas the assessment covers, and the average accuracy of the class across each topic. We can see that both the Classroom Objects topic has the lowest accuracy at 19%, so we can safely assume that these are areas the students struggle in, and would benefit from further revision.

To automatically create a task which targets each student's strengths and weaknesses based on this data, see  How do I assign remedial tasks to students after an assessment?

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