How do I assign specific sections of a Smart Lesson?

When assigning a Smart Lesson in a Task, you have full control over which sections are included. Use this feature to remove content you aren't yet ready to cover or to reduce the overall amount of time it will take students to complete a task. 

Use this with the Assign to Specific Students feature to help cater to the specific needs of your students.

Let's get started!

Begin by assigning a task to your students as usual. You'll need to pick the Smart Lesson option when prompted.

In the third section, click to choose your content.

Once you have located and ticked your chosen lesson, click the Assign specific sections dialogue.

assign specific sections link

On this page, you can untick any lessons you do not wish to include. Once you are happy with your selection, click Confirm Selection.

choosing specific sections in the content picker

You can now finish assigning your task as normal.

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